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Use it up

Wear it out

Make it do

or Do without


Not so very long ago, our grandparents lived by this mantra.  My grandparents and great grandparents raised families during the Great Depression, barely surviving as farmers in western and central Kansas.   The heart of the dust bowl, they learned to survive on almost nothing other than determination and creativity.

Much of what they did – drying their clothes on a clothes line, growing gardens, sewing clothes and making quilts out of scraps of old clothes…. Today, this is often construed as “environmentalism” and seen as “crazy” or extreme.

To me, it is just old fashioned wisdom in a modern era.

This blog is about the modern updates of the lessons learned 80 years ago in our own “Great Recession”.  I will share with you what I do and what I am trying to do as my little family struggles through – just hopefully, without all of the dust!

PS – The picture is of my maternal grandparents apparently walking in an unknown city.   Most likely taken some time in the early 1940’s.


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  1. I’m eager to learn more! Oh, and thanks for posting the link to your Etsy shop! I’m anxious to see what else you offer in addition to those fab clothespin bags!

  2. I actually think another Great Depression would be good for us… Was kind of hoping that was what we were heading toward a couple years ago: some way to FORCE us not to buy, buy, buy, waste, waste, waste!


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