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For the love of a clothesline

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I LOVE clothelines.  I have had one at every house since grad school – since I’ve had that huge luxury of having a washing machine in my own house.

That’s me with my first very own clothesline, back in 2007.  We were in a crappy rent house in Alabama at my husband’s first real job after grad school and post doc.  Because of our dog, and a bad time of the year moving to a college town area, we were short on option for living and ended up in the country where they didn’t mind the addition of a clothesline!  Gads, I’m homesick now!  We really liked Alabama….

Anyways, the next clothesline went in at the house that we owned in Alabama and then moved with us back to Texas.  My dad, a retired oil well pumper and farmer, built it out of scrap oil well pipe.  He built my mom’s too, 40 years ago, and it’s still going strong.

This one we set into concrete (at both houses!) so it’s not going anywhere.  When we put it in at this house, we had a good bit less sunny spots than we do now (lost a lot of trees recently) so this was one of the few sunny spots in the yard.  Still lots of trees and you can see stacked fire wood in the background from where we chopped up all of the dead trees.

The thing about clotheslines and about drying your clothes on the clothesline is that it is EASY.   Yes, there are a few tricks that could make your experience better, but in general, all you do is put your wet clothes outside and bring them in when they’re dry.  Talk about an ancient technology!  There’s really not much that we do as modern humans that we can say that pre-historic peoples did too… but this is one of them.

So, I hope that you join me on my quest to line dry clothes.  I’ll be exploring as many facets about it as I can think of… from laundry soap, energy usage (or lack there of), how to involve the kidlets, social stigmas… I hope that you join me in the conversation.


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  1. Love my clothesline, but your’s is rockin’ cool! I have a retractable that does ok for small loads, but then I’ve woven an additional length of cording amongst some trees. It works fine, now, but those trees are now getting their leaves so it won’t make sense anymore to use it there. I need to stretch the retractable a different direction if I’m gonna leave it there. I love my trees (pecan), but they wreak havoc on clean clothes!


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