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How to build a clothesline

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So, the first thing you need to dry your clothes in the sun is … a clothesline!  This was the one that my husband built at the rent house in Alabama – just two T poles with braces set into concrete.   Nothing too complicated, but we did have a way of tightening the line using an eye bolt and nut system, which worked really well.

Growing up and now, I use a metal T post set into concrete and that is a much more sturdy contraption, but also more expensive (unless you use old oil field pipe like my dad did, in which case it was nearly free)…

In either case, you want the poles far enough apart that you can get enough line in between them to hang a couple of loads out but not so far that under the weight of all of the heavy wet clothes that it sags in the middle.  We’ve set ours at 30 feet apart and it seems to work fairly well.  Height from the ground will vary – we’re tall folk so our pants are long… at the pole  ends the wire is about 5 1/2 feet above the ground.  If you’re super short you might want to adjust… just remember to factor in mid-line sag.

A local friend of mine has a really nice video tutorial on how to make a pulley clothesline.  It’s a different system than what I’ve ever used but it looks really nice!

Pulley Clothesline Video

As far as to where to buy the supplies… I shop at an Amish supply site called Lehmans.  No affiliation, I just like it that they have really good customer service and sturdy products that do the job.  Unlike the video, I use the plastic coated line… My mom uses just stainless steel line.  Here in the humid south, cotton rope just seems to be more prone to mildew… but that’s me.

Coming next week…   How to hang out laundry!


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