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Clothesline Profile – Edna’s Line

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Edna, who lives in the Texas Hill country northwest of San Antonio, is our first featured guest on the blog!   She sent me this great picture of her clothesline and I totally love it.  Cool parts to me are – it involves a swing set and a tree!  Absolute proof that it does not require fancy poles or concrete or holes or anything hard to make a line!    This is so much in the line of making do with what you have already…

How long have you line dried?

I’ve been line drying full time for 2 weeks now.

What inspired you to start?

A lot of my misconceptions were proven wrong by other line driers so I had to give it a shot!

What do you see as the best part of line drying?

It’s very therapeutic to be outside, doing something so simple yet so rewarding.

Worst part?

It’s hot out there!

Any secret tricks to the trade?

I hang my dress shirts upright by the button/buttonhole areas right by the collar. Also, I hang my socks upside down. For some reason I just like the end result better.

How often do you hang clothes out – all of the loads, some, few?

I’ve been hanging out all loads full time and then tumbling them for a few minutes in the dryer to soften ’em up.

This is another shot of her line… look at this neat clothespin basket!  

Thanks for sharing your line (and your laundry) with us!

If you have a clothesline that you’d like to share, please send us your pictures!  I’ll send you a few questions (like the ones above) and then you and your laundry can be famous!  🙂 


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  1. That is a fabulous basket. I have always had cloth ones or I would make a quick one from a milk jug. I am so glad I found your site!

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