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Wednesday Give Away! – Workbasket 1971

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Welcome to my new weekly give away! I will be giving away vintage patterns and craft items until I run out… Included in my vast stash are old magazines (lots of 60’s and 70’s), pattern booklets of crochet and knitting and some vintage macrame, Christmas cross stitch patterns…

This week is a January 1971 issue of Workbasket magazine. It apparently had a bit of water damage at one point, but is still in pretty good shape considering that it is 40 years old! (I can poke fun at this age as I soon will the very same!)

Beyond the fun patterns, there are some “interesting” recipes… (though next week I will be posting a recipe that I found in one from the 40’s that is pretty tasty.)

You have 4 ways to enter… each way gets you one entry…

1 – “like” us on Facebook – (link is to the right) and leave a comment below saying that you did.

2 – Subscribe to the RSS feed for my blog – and leave a comment below saying that you did.

3 – Link to this give away on your own blog (and leave the link below in the comments).

4 – Leave a comment below saying if you have ever dried your clothes on a clothesline!

That’s it – 4 ways to get a chance to win a very cool old craft magazine.

Contest closes at 10 pm central time on Tuesday, May 3. Winner will be chosen at random… Good luck!

UPDATE – Heathery is our winner this week!  Congrats!


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  1. I lived in the southwest desert before moving to Ohio. I always used my clothesline…LOL! My house I have moved into has a broken one. I asked for a new one for Mother’s Day…LOL! Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. I’m a new Facebook fan! (Heathery H.)

  3. I’ve never dried my clothes on a line. There’s never been one at any house I’ve lived in!

  4. Hello! I’m in Mississippi!

  5. Great blog….I liked you on FB!

  6. Hanging clothes on the line (and racing to grab them off QUICKLY when a storm blew in) was a regular part of growing up for me. I have a rack I place outside and dry clothes on now, even!


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