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Clothesline Profile – Monique’s Line

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This week’s clothesline profile is from Monique who lives north of Houston, Texas.  Thanks so much for sharing what you do!

Shame to admit, but I don’t usually line dry, mostly my husband and I work full time and do most of our laundry in the evenings or at night. I also don’t have a lot of sun in the backyard. In the spring and fall, the air in East Central Texas is full of pollen, which gets on wet laundry and makes us both feel ill.

I do hand-wash and line dry the batik and hand-dyed fabrics I use in my quilts. The small pieces tend to ravel in the washer and dryer or disappear altogether into the innards of the machines. The colors often run, too, so I like to wash them by hand until I’m sure all of the unbound dye is rinsed away. I string up a temporary line from tree to tree in the backyard. On a hot summer day, the first pieces are dry by the time I’ve hung the last.

The best parts about washing the fabric this way are—no raveling, no running the electric dryer, and the fun way my backyard looks with all the colorful pieces flapping in the breeze.  It’s like a fair!

Worst part? When you’re a fabriholic with a huge stash, it can take all afternoon to get through it all—even longer when you add in all the pressing that has to be done before you can cut the pieces.

Looking at these photos and thinking of the fun feel of smooth cotton under the needle is inspiring me to go back to working on my latest quilts.   I’ve been doing a lot of other things lately, but I think I hear the applique calling…


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  1. The colors floating in the breeze are a fabric addicts idea of heaven! Thank you for sharing!

  2. The fabric is like pennants of inspiration! Love it!


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