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Advantages of Line Drying

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It’s HOT outside.  Of course, this is Texas, so that is often the case.  So, what are reasons that might compel you to venture out into the hot to hang clothes out when there’s a perfectly functional machine in your cool house?

Aside from an idea of just ditching your AC (and I should note, I’ve known Stan for years and years and know that he is one of the best guys on the planet), which might be beyond what most folks are willing to do… including me…  Using the line will save you money!

Yes, it’s obvious, don’t use the electric dryer and you won’t have to pay for the electricity.  But beyond that, the dryer heats up the house in addition to the clothes!  So, by line drying, you avoid using a machine to dry and another to cool off your house again.  And, in my house, the laundry room is directly across a narrow hall by the thermostat.  Brilliant house design aside, the entire problem is resolved by using my line.

The money thing is important, especially in these economic times… but there’s another, for me, less tangible benefit.  Being outside.  OK, so I know that I could take a walk or work in the garden or just sit on my front porch – and I do!  But, during the midst of a busy day between cleaning and the kidlet and this annoying wonderful laptop that keeps me checking facebook and email and my Etsy shop…  It is nice to have a reason to go out and take a minute to just be.  It’s meditative, relaxing … whatever you want to call it.   I get to hear the birds, watch a lizard scurey on a log, listen to the dogs bark… I get a break from all things electric and demanding and instead can focus on hanging wet clothes onto a line.

Sometimes, my almost 3 year old daughter will go out with me to “help”.  And as much as it slows me down (which, really, is it a bad thing?) to have her out there, I have also come to realize that she is learning so much about life.  I am teaching her that there are some things worth doing slowly, with intention and respect.  Ya, I know, pretty intense for a load of wet undies… 🙂  But, it’s true.  How am I going to expect her to value the environment, to take the extra step because it is (argueably) the right thing to do – if I don’t do it myself?   Not only is she learning that line drying is normal but hopefully she will learn to not look down on others who do (we’ll talk more about this in a later post…) and then hopefully grow up to do it herself.

There are a ton more reasons why drying is a good idea.  Check out the Project Laundry List top 10 reasons to dry.  They have a bunch of facts about laundry and line drying on the side bar – way more than I can mention today.

And, related to the kids being involved in line drying… we’ll soon have a post on how to make a little kid sized clothes line so that they can really be pests involved!


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  1. I like your point about the dryer and the AC. My thermostat is about 3 feet from the dryer. I have been asking for a new clothesline for a year. The one here came with this house when my DH bought it 24 years ago. When we combined houses last spring I did everything i could to hang clothes on a broken retractable line…LOL. I even duct taped it. My DD (19) has grown up helping me hang clothes. She likes the peace of it. I was home alone yesterday and guess what the FEDEX man brought?! An umbrella clothesline! My b-day is Monday, so I’m thinking they actually believe me and my request…LOL! I can’t wait to get it up and then I can send you a pic. I know this is long, but I have always been passionate about line drying. Thank you for your blog!

  2. Line drying is the most therapeutic thing I do these days. Sure, it’s hot, but once in a while I sneak a little relief from a t-shirt rubbed on my face. I love being outside, no matter what I’m doing, but hanging clothes on the line is something I look forward to, even more than weeding!


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