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Clothesline Profile – Lisa’s Line

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Today’ s clothesline profile is from Lisa who lives near Austin, Texas.  Are you seeing a Texas theme here?  Me, too.  If you’d like to see clotheslines from other states (and really, who wouldn’t?) please submit your pictures to me!!!!  greenskunkbiz [at] gmail (dot) com

What, you only submit pictures if you get a prize?  Fine… be that way.  The next 2 people who submit pictures and answer questions for the line profile will get a 25% off coupon on a pretty clothespin bag in my Etsy shop!

And, to help on the non – Texas clothesline efforts… next weeks line is from a state that starts with the letter A and ends in the letter a.  Stay tuned!!!

Now, back to Lisa’s line!!!!

How long have your line dried?

I just started line drying again. When my kids were in diapers, long ago, we lived in the Texas Panhandle where the wind blows all the time. I would go out to hang a load of diapers and by the time I finished hanging the last one, I could go back and start taking them down and folding them right back into the basket.

What inspired you to start?

I have been asking for a clothesline for a few years now. I live in the country without an HOA telling me I can’t have one. My neighbor has a lot of horses and she has a washer in her tack room. I would admire her laundry hanging on a line near her barn and wish for the good old days.

What do you see as the best part of line drying?

So many bests! Free drying / less electricity.

Worst part?

Having laundry on the line when it starts to rain.  (Not that it is ever going to rain in Texas again…)  And fire ants.  Ouch!

Any tricks to the trade?

I fold my laundry straight from the line into the basket.

How often do you hang clothes out?

Parts of every load but I only have the opportunity to wash once a week.


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  1. Cute blog! I just found you from the green phone booth. I thought you were giving away the state when you gave that clue, but there are at least 3 states that start and end with A that I can think of.


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