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Clothesline Profile – Cheryl’s Line

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Two weeks ago, I said that the next profile would be from someone not in the state of Texas and coming from a state that started and ended with an “a”.

Quick – name the states that fit that requirement!  Anyone…?  Alaska, Arizona… and ALABAMA!  My friend, Cheryl, lives near Auburn, AL and is this week’s profile.  We lived there a few years ago and that’s where little Rosie was born…  and we miss it greatly!  Thanks Cheryl for sharing a bit of your line with us!

“I was born under a clothes line, so to speak! I grew up in “Pennsylvanis”
“Dutch”” Country and everyone in my family had a clothesline and, even though some had dryers (gas or electric), those were only for weather that didn’t lend itself to hanging clothes on the line. I do recall that my paternal grandmother had a small backyard, so she had the “newer” square clothesline with multiple rows that you could collapse when not in use. My mother’s mom had a permanent linear clothes line in one of the most beautiful back yards I can recall! Great old barn with a pond beyond in the background! I think she had 6 lines on her clothesline, which was quite the status symbol in her neighborhood! I don’t think the arguement as to which “model” of clothesline was ever resolved; I’m sure it’s a matter of preference (or space)! However, here are some of the things I learned from all of that:

1. Always make sure the clothes line is clean (if plastic coated, wipe it off.
If the rope type, make sure it’s not dry rotted or moldy.)

2. Always have plenty of the wooden things to attach your clothes to the line (the debate still rages as to whether that device should be peg or clip! (I’m a clip person, myself)
3. Always shake your clothes out really, really well before attaching to the line. Less wrinkles and softer results follow! (In modern times, some of us throw them in the dryer 5 minutes before or 5 minutes after to soften).
4. Always rehang thick items such as jeans or sheets when the weather is not ideal so that they are completely dry when you take them in. Must say though, that jeans that have frozen on the line or gotten rained on are really, really soft!
5. Always make sure the birds are otherwise engaged so they don’t “drop” on your clothes! It might be well to say, hang the inner side of the sheets out first in case you have to give them a quick rinse!!”

So, a few more questions –

How often do you line dry now? All of the time, sometimes, a few times a week…?
I line dry when I’m off work, so, usually once a week. Would do more if I was home! I do have a foldable wooden drying rack I sometimes put on the back porch. Especially if it’s just a few items.
Do you work full time/stay at home?
I work full time plus an hour and 20 minutes commute each day so it’s usually close to dark when I get home.
 Does your husband mind the line dry stuff? Does he help put them out/take them in? (My husband is grumpy about it and will only take them in if I’m desperate.)

Charlie loves the smell of the clothes outside and sometimes does his own stuff. He’ll put clothes up, take them down and even make up the bed for me sometimes! He had a good mama!

Do your neighbors have lines? If not, do they have opinions on yours?
My closest neighbor has a line but there is a small forest between us so we can’t see each other for the most part. I’d say folks out here where I live (halfway between Auburn and Montgomery, AL) have a clothes line of some sort and hanging clothes out is part of life. I have lived where there were covenants either against clothesline or restricting what you could hang out on it and when! Not my kind of place to live!!


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  1. Love your line, Cheryl! I do have to say, there’s another option for what to call the wooden thingies… pin. I use pins and they look remarkably like your clips! LOL

  2. clothespin alabama love ! this is great, love your blog. such a happy interview idea. love those smiles! xoxo

  3. Such a great open area for the line! There is just something about stark white sheets on a line that says Spring has arrived! Thank you for sharing!

    • Actually, they are a sage green. The sun was so bright that day it washed out the color (no pun intended!)


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