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Years ago when I was in college, I bought a little spiral bound book… it was made of recycled/upcycled maps and I thought it was just so clever.  But, I had no idea what to do with it.

Then, I decided to turn it into my own little cookbook.  I write and taped recipes into it – and it worked well for many years.  In fact, I still use it!  But then, the internet happened, and recipes were EVERYWHERE.  So, what’s a girl to do?  Save a zillion recipes via PDF and word file on the computer – where they are almost never looked at again.

Years ago, in a lame, failed, ongoing attempt to be more organized, I found the Flylady website.   She tells about this mythical thing of a “control journal” where your daily routines are written down and followed (ya right) , contact info and other important things are written down.  It sounds like a good idea… except that I never did it.  But then.. I got desperate again this fall.

I’d like to say that my house is always tidy now, but it’s not.  But, what I have gained is the perfect, for me, cookbook/brain.  What’s inside?  Well, it’s your basic notebook, made prettier with some scrapbook paper and a handy calendar.

Inside, I have the clear page protectors and notebook paper.  I often will write recipes that I find on-line onto the paper, including the website that I found it on (in case I want to share the recipe) and the month/year that I found it.  I also tear out recipes from magazines and stick them in there too.

I also use this notebook as a great way to store all of the user names and passwords, each on a separate Super Sticky Postit Note (LOVE those) stuck in rows onto notebook paper.  Same goes for mailing addresses of folks that I know.  For obvious reasons, I’m not showing you any of these pages though!

But, the ultimate storage of recipes comes in a different place – the inside of the cabinet door.

My mom visited recently and said that this is a long family tradition, going all the way back to my Great Gram (if not further).  Which of the many recipes make it to the place of honor inside of the door?  The ones that I make all of the time – corn bread, granola bars, pancakes, banana bread…  This way, all I have to do is open the door and get cooking, no digging for the recipe or trying to find a good space on the counter to put it.  For me (at six feet tall) the cabinet doors are at eye level and safely out of the way.

Mom also brought a box full of stuff for me, and I just recently started looking through it.  One of the things inside was this:

It is a cookbook that was for my Great Gram – apparently as a wedding shower/get ready for being married thing.  It is dated January, 1916 – she would have been 22 years old at that time.   Inside are about 20 pages of handwritten recipes… and one signed as “mother” – my great great grandmother!

Upon this very old book discovery, I am planning on a new series on the blog – posting one page a week of recipes from Gram’s Cookbook.   Some of the recipes look interesting enough to try… and I will and then let you know what I think and have the typed out recipe for you to try, too.

 All four generations – that’s me in the yellow!  

Since Gram’s Cookbook was all about sharing recipes with your friends… I’m going to share a recipe that we love with you.  I hope that you like it!

Basil Hamburgers 

1 pound hamburger

1/8 cup minced basil  (about one package of the fresh basil in the produce section)

couple tablespoons minced garlic

1/2 – 1 cup seasoned bread crumbs

1 egg

2 T Worcestershire sauce

1 t tobasco sauce


Mix all.  All spices are to taste – except for the basil and you need lots of that!   It should stick together but not be too wet – use your judgement here.  Form into patties and grill!


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  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    Also thanks for visiting my blog this is what caught my eye about your comment, “But, i can’t sew late at night as my machine is in my bedroom with my sleeping husband… so i am on line or cutting out fabric at the kitchen table.” I have my sewing machine in our bedroom too! Someday my craft room will be setup. One day!!

    I almost about to announce a winner, just wanted to tell you that your comment was great!! Thanks again.

  2. awesome topic! I have a compilation of recipes from my inlaws as well as from my father’s side of the family. I love the old recipes. Much easier and more practical.

  3. What a wonderful way to stay connected with our past, with cooking in the present. I used your recipe yesterday and it was a huge hit! Thank you for sharing some of your precious past with us. I am looking forward to another recipe!

  4. That’s so funny!! I started storing my recipes in a spiral notebook in college too. But the recipes taped inside the cabinet doors? GENIUS!!!! I’m so totally putting the pancake and oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipes in ours.


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