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Clothesline Profile – Andi from New Brunswick

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Our latest clothesline profile is from Andi in New Brunswick, Canada, which is a little province on the east coast.  Still getting into summer there, it has been a bit rainy too, so the line drying weather is just now starting for them.

I “met” Andi through the craft giveaway thing a few weeks ago – and noticed her blog right off because it also has “laundry” in the name!  A kindred spirit!  Please check out her blog here:  She has lots of good recipes and sewing projects and tutorials, too!

Thanks Andi, for sharing a bit about your line – we really appreciate it!

And, as always, if YOU have a clothesline and would like to share the line love with the rest of us, please drop me an email!  Thanks! 

I have always loved clotheslines. My grandmother had one, and to this day seeing clothes blowing in the breeze makes me think of her, and summers at her house. I grew up in a suburb where there was a by-law against having clotheslines of any kind (!) so they always seemed like a really special thing to have. When I got married and had a house of my own, having a clothesline was the top item on my list! (My new hubby was happy that I was going to be so easy to please…)

Our clothesline spans from our back deck to a tall tree in our backyard. (I always make sure to put short items in the middle to hang over the deck railing.) To save space on the main line, I also use a folding drying rack for small towels, socks, and underwear. I love having the time outside, and doing laundry this way doesn’t seem so much like work, but rather a chance to think, pray, and enjoy the outdoors! This works really well for us 3 seasons out of the year (provided it’s not raining!). In the winter months I do resort to using the dryer, although I still hang some items to dry inside, and sometimes set the drying rack up beside the wood stove. There is nothing better, though, than the smell of clothes fresh off the line, and I always look forward to the summer months and using my clothesline again!


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  1. Wendy Hatton

    A by-law against washing lines!! That’s crazy, what’s wrong with washing? Does everyone have to have a dryer? That’s not very environmentally friendly to say the least. I am horrified.

    In this age of instant everything hanging out is one of the easiest ways to low down and, as you say, enjoy some fresh air and have a bit of thinking time.

    • Yes, Wendy, I agree that it’s crazy! Laundry lines were seen as an “eyesore” cluttering the suburban view…. In the last year or so they have changed the law, but still limit the type of clothesline you are allowed to put up (my set-up wouldn’t be allowed.) I am very thankful to live in a more rural part of the country now where clotheslines of all kinds are a normal part of the landscape! 🙂

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  3. I was just doing a search for clothes lines/blogging moms and came across your blog. I’m very interested in starting to do this at my house by I have some questions… maybe you could help or point me in the right direction??? Do your clothes and sheets get stiff? Do you need to do something extra while washing to help prevent stiffness? I’m sure I have more questions… can’t think right now though 🙂
    thanks for any advice!


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