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Clotheslines over at Small Notebook!

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One of the (many) blogs that I read is Small Notebook.  They just got back from living for a while in Italy and her latest post is on clotheslines there!   Lots of pretty pictures of wonderful lines in so many places that we never would think to put a line here!


Then, she also has a page where she explains how you can figure out how much electricity your dryer uses per run – and how much that costs you.

Beyond that, where’ve I been?  Several doctor appointments, a cold and having to get the newsletter that I write each month done pretty much took up all of my time.   We live in a small town, doctors are in the big city… and as a result, each trip essentially amounts to an all day affair.    But, never fear… more posts are on the way!

The exciting thing is that I’ve found several more old cookbooks.  One at a yard sale and a couple at the house of my husband’s late grandfather.  So, I will be adding those recipes to the list to include in the Old Timey Recipe Collection.   Some look really good and I wonder why we’ve stopped making them?


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  1. this is fabulous. I took so many photos of clotheslines in Italy, too. Love it!

  2. I just discovered your website through Small Notebook and I will be a frequent visitor. I just read the pages about your great-grandmother’s cookbook. What a treasure! I am curious. You mention that she lived in Kansas. Do you mind telling me where in Kansas.? I was born in Wichita, raised in Yates Center and have many relatives, living there still.


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