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Clothesline Profile – Diane from CA

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Many thanks to Diane for submitting her line to our profile!  She’s a super sneaky line dryer – read how she gets around her HOA rules!   We’ll be talking more about those pesky rules in future posts – but for now, all of you who are stuck with them, maybe you can get some ideas of how to get around them!

And, Diane is a blogger, too.  Please visit her site at Random Thoughts Do or “di”  Lots of fun quilty things and recipes, too!

If you have a line that you’d like to see featured on my blog, please be sure to drop me a line!  lifeontheclothesline at gmail dot com  Thanks!!!!

We live in a “planned community” where clotheslines are not allowed, if you can imagine. I have wanted one for many years now and Mr. Romance and I finally found one we could use, inconspicuously, and still get the job done. I usually hang all my “delicates’ as Ellen Degeneres would say, and then those things I do not want to shrink or get messed up in the dryer. We only have a small line, so I would say I hang about 50% of my laundry every week, not counting sheets, towels and rags.

I use a retractable clothesline that we found at Home Depot and also a great little gizmo for hanging small items like undies and bras.  (See picture above.)

I have been a SAHM for 36 years, but have worked part-time in my husband’s dental office when I could fit it in between kids’ activities and now my crafting. I work about 4 hours a week and recently tried to resign, but my “boss” wouldn’t let me! LOL! I am a fairly new blogger and all I want to do is read blogs, quilt and then blog about quilting and my random life.

My husband is a huge help at home and always pitches in around the house. He is Mr. Romance and Mr. Wonderful all rolled into one! He doesn’t mind the line dried things, especially when I remember not to put his favorite shirts in the dryer.

So far, I don’t think my neighbors know I have a line and if they did I don’t think they would care. We have lived in our home for 25 years and our neighbors are wonderful.

I just started line drying this year when we figured out how to rig a line in our yard and keep it hidden from the association spies. I have wanted a clothesline for a very long time and feel like I am doing something great by having one. I am saving energy, being green and doing something our grandmothers might have done.

I remember visiting me my husband’s grandmother (in Pennsylvania) in 1975 when our youngest was a baby and I needed to wash diapers. She didn’t own a dryer and I couldn’t believe it. I remember taking those stiff diapers off the line and folding them. But they smelled so wonderful after they had hung out in the fresh air. I felt like Susie Homemaker on that visit.


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  1. Love Di and so enjoyed this post. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. I wish I could figure out how to sneak a clothesline at my home (darn homes association). Glad you can finally line dry.

  3. That’s neat hearing how Di managed to sneak her clothesline in. I really like the ‘gizmo’…I’ll have to find one of those for all our small items!

  4. I am convinced that I absolutely need to create a system in my home. I’ve investigated (see my post at And by seeing your beautiful photos I’m further inspired. Thanks!

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  6. I came upon this blog as I was looking for ideas to build a clothesline within an enclosed patio/sun room so I realize this post is about 3 years old so I’m not sure that anyone will read this but I certainly hope so! If Diane lives in California (or any of the 19 states that are ‘right to dry’ states), can sue whoever is telling her she can’t have a Clothesline because California is a “Right to dry” state. So “Planned Communities”, Condominiums, HOA’s or landlords cannot ban clotheslines in the 19 right to dry states, I LOVE clotheslines so I hope this information helps other people who love to line dry too!

  7. That’s good info to know! Thanks for posting this. And, I ran out of people to profile for clotheslines… so if you’d like to be featured, I’d love to have you!


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