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Clothesline Profile – Cindy from the Beach!

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This week’s profile is from Cindy who lives happily on a beach somewhere in the US.  Lucky her!  She has an inspiring profile and has done something that I am hoping to challenge all of you to do in August… a clothesline only challenge!  More details to come, but I would love to have everyone participate in the challenge that I can.  And, to sweeten the pot, I’ll be giving away one of my clothespin bags to one lucky participant!  

Now, on to the wonderful profile of Cindy … 

Hi, I’m Cindy from Siestas and Sewing where I blog about my sewing projects and life.  I live with my husband and 4 kids not far from the beach in Virginia. I am a stay at home mom. Though with 4 kids involved in multiple activities there’s not much staying at home!  I’m excited to be at Life on the (Clothes) Line today to share about my clothesline.

I started drying clothes on a line 12 years ago after my oldest daughter was born.  I used cloth diapers on her and had heard that hanging the stained diapers out in the sun was a great way to get the stains out.  Much to my surprise, it worked!  I ‘borrowed’ an old retractable clothesline that my parents had sitting in their garage since they moved to a development with a Home Owners Association (HOA) that prohibited clotheslines.  It was the same one my mom used when I was little at our old house to dry our clothes.  I have many fond memories of running in between the sheets and clothes that were drying.  My husband ran the retractable from the house to a 4×4 and I used it to dry the cloth diapers and baby clothes.
When we moved to our current house (9 year ago) there was already a clothesline.  I used it sporadically since it was in the shadiest part of our backyard.  There was no sun bleaching going on for the stains on my 2nd child’s cloth diapers.   Several years ago, my husband took down the old line and ran the good ol’ retractable line from our house to a tree in the sunny part of our yard.  Eventually, I found another retractable line at a small hardware store and he ran that from our screened in porch to the tree that the other line ends at.  The bonus is that those clotheslines are located right outside the door to my laundry room.  With the added convenience and sunny location, I began to line dry most all of our laundry.

During the summer and fall, as long as the weather is nice, I hang most of our clothes out to dry.  Sometimes, I throw the smaller stuff (socks, underwear, etc.) in the dryer since it’s time consuming to hang those out.  I don’t really like cold weather so you won’t find me venturing outdoors if I don’t have to in the winter!  Though if there’s a stained top (and with my kids there usually is) I’ll hang that out.  In the Spring, the many oak trees in our backyard drop pollen all over everything so I wait until the trees are done doing their thing before loading the lines.

In July of 2009, I did a little experiment…I didn’t use my dryer at all.  I was curious to see if there would be a noticeable energy savings in our electric bill.  That month we had the lowest electric bill we’ve ever had!   $60 vs. the usual $100+.  That little experiment made my husband a believer in the benefits of line drying.  Though you won’t find him helping me too much with hanging/bringing clothes in.  Not that he minds…he’s just usually at work when I have clothes to hang/take in.   My kids enjoy helping out.  The youngest 2 will stand on a bench and hang as far as their little arms reach.  And they are all trained (husband too!) to hang their swimsuits and towels on the line after a day spent at the beach or pool.

So that’s my clothesline!  Thanks Jeannie for giving me the opportunity to share!


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  1. Bonus money saver…cloth diapers and line drying! I love it!

  2. In Australia,dryers are only used sparingly,many people don’t own one,but everyone has a clothes line!
    Generally a Hills Hoist.
    When my twins were babies,if I didn’t hang out the washing,I didn’t get outside! It was a treat to get fresh air!
    The sun is also great to get out spag bol stains!
    You look beautiful Cindy.

  3. using clothline is part of human culture! for me its got a lot of meditation as well. When I hang my laundry an the cloth line ( we have different places for them: in the garden, in the bathroom, the terrace etc.) it is like doing something quiet and peacefull! Very good post – I loved to read that articel!!

  4. I love hanging my clothes out to dry too. It’s kind of therapeutic for me. We live on the west coast of British Columbia though so we have lots of rainy days that don’t work for outside drying.

  5. lots of clothes but I don’t see any toddlers knickers, I love little toddlers knickers not washed of course


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