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Fancy Clothespins – from Creature Comforts

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Image copyright Creature Comforts


Imagine hanging out your socks using these clothespins!  OK, no doubt that Ez, the lady at Creature Comforts who came up with this fun idea, had no intention of actually using them on clothes but…  still, wouldn’t that brighten your day?  🙂  For full instructions on how to make these, please head to her blog!

I love that she used simple crafting items like colored pencils and double sided tape on these easy projects!  However, if you really are going to make pretty pins for your line, my only thought that instead of the tape, maybe the Modge Podge method might me more durable on the fabric version.

Would any of you actually consider making and using them?  Would you use them if you got them as a gift?  Would you consider giving them to other clothesline folks as a gift?

Me personally, I love how they all look, but the 3-D ones would eat up a lot of space in the clothespin bag.  I’d probably be inclined to the flat fabric version… and then I think that they’d be a lot of fun!   Why not make laundry a bit more fun while still being very functional?

Have a happy clothespins kind of day!


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  1. Love ’em! DD and I made some with Sharpies and a clear spray sealer and they’re wonderful for chip clips!

  2. I do believe you just encouraged me to make some!!

  3. Would look nice holding kids artwork to a line indoors. Would look REALLY nice holding my not-so-smalls on the line but not very practical for that!

  4. Oh These are super cute. It is nice to add some prettiness to your everyday chores.


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