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Gram’s Cookbook – French Buns page 10

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Today’s recipe is for French Buns.  Looking at the recipe, I’m not exactly sure why a sweet crust makes it French but…  here’s the recipe as written.

French Buns

1 quart bread sponge

1 quart scalded sweet milk, let cool

3/4 c sugar

salt to taste

flour to make very soft dough

Knead the dough very thoroughly.  Let rise very light – if you like sweet crust – mix a little milk and sugar and brush over top of buns – (that is the French part of it).  This makes about 60 buns.

Hope you will have best luck in the world with these buns.

Mrs. E. J. Adams 

I tried to find a current version of this recipe, but wasn’t able to … so this might be unique.  It could certainly be updated with modern yeasts and actual measurements for the flour.  As I’m not an expert bread maker, I will leave that project to someone who is more skilled… and if that happens to be you, please let me know!  I’d love to feature your updated recipe on the blog!   I did find something along the same lines, so if you’re so inspired to give a French bun a try, there’s a nice recipe on an Amish website here.

As far as scalded milk goes… You should know, my little family doesn’t do much in the way of dairy products.  Just doesn’t do well with our bodies and my 3 year old has never liked it.  She eats cheese but gave up on yogurt at 2 1/2 years old…  (And, it’s not just cow milk that she doesn’t like – it’s anything white and liquid.  Soy, vanilla, goat… we’ve tried them all and she’s just not interested.)  So, I don’t ever have milk in the house to cook with and the only experience I have with it was cooking as a kid (and that was a couple of decades ago!)…  So, I looked up scalded milk.   According to Baking 101, milk used to be scaled to deactivate the enzymes (and most likely kill bacteria) that caused the milk to spoil.  With modern pasteurization that’s no longer a concern (unless you have your own cow?)… But, in bread making it is still done in order to deactivate the whey proteins.  Why proteins apparently weaken the gluten that forms in the flour with kneading and if the milk isn’t scalded, the bread will be heavy and dense.  They also have directions on how to scald milk on their site if you happen to be like me and don’t already know this detail.  🙂

On another note, I found a new site that might be of interest to my recipe loving followers.  Yummly.  It appears to be a search engine just for recipes – and includes recipes from recipe sites and blogs and everywhere else.  You can search by ingredient and can limit results by “without” and “with” ingredients.  This will be very nice for those allergic to some foods!  I only just found it, so I’m not sure what I think about it yet, but it seems interesting!

Next week’s recipe page is full of fun!  There are 2 recipes that I will be trying out and that I’ve never seen in modern recipe-land before.  One is a biscuit and the other a muffin.  And, another recipe is written by a very special person (at least to me)… so stay tuned!


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  1. I’m not overly fond of cooking but have to say, these posts about your Gram’s cookbook are fascinating. The family history/connection makes it extra special.


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