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Clothesline Profile – Jenilyn in South Carolina

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This weeks profile is from Jenilyn in South Carolina.  She writes the blog Grits and Giggles and is Southern through and through!   Which, as a former resident of Alabama, I can greatly appreciate!   And, Jenilyn also shows that you don’t have to go all or nothing in line drying to have an impact – a simple drying rack on your deck can be all you need to get going!

I hope that you are all liking my profile series.  In order to keep it going though, I need more people to profile!  So please, if you know of anyone, give them a nudge and send them my way… there’s only one way to get this clothesline idea back into “normal” society and that is by making it normal and fun.  Thanks for the help!

Hey Ya’ll! My name is Jenilyn and I’m a full-time working wife and mommy in South Carolina! We are a full-time cloth diapering family, and to make sure that our baby girl’s diapers stay fresh and bright, I try to line dry them as much as possible! With a busy work and home schedule, I’m not able to line dry all of our clothes, so I do use our dryer a lot, but there is no better way to dry our diapers! The sun bleaches out any set-in stains, and everything smells so fresh when they’re dry. We live under a lot of trees, but our back patio gets lots of sunlight. I have two wooden racks set up to dry things on in the early afternoons. Everything dries so fast!

We try to do what we can for the environment, one little thing at a time. We started out just using green bags at stores. I still can’t believe how much waste this has saved not having all of those plastic bags laying around! We try to recycle drink cans, we cloth diaper, and have recently started using dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. I didn’t realize how much waste actually came out of our dryer between lint and throwing away all of those dryer sheets! If you do use your dryer to dry most of your clothes…wool dryer balls are a real life saver!

We never had a clothesline at our house growing up, but my Granny and Papa do, and still use theirs from time to time. I always thought the sheets and clothes looked so pretty blowing in the breeze and we always had fun running through it! I started drying our diapers outside because I was curious about the sun’s “stain fighting power” that I had heard about. Once I saw how quickly things dried, I was hooked. It was also nice not running the dryer and heating up the house when it’s already so hot outside.

There seems to be a stigma about “going green” that many things that are better for the environment are “old fashioned” and this is just not true! All of the people who recycle, or line dry their clothes aren’t little old ladies trying to pinch pennies. I’m hoping our family can set a good example with the small things we do to try to help keep the planet a little greener. We certainly see the benefits!!


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  1. look at all those cute diapers! how fun!

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  3. I have been line drying as much as I can, weather permitting, and it also depends if hubby uses the wood stove, since i don’t want the smoke smell on the clothes. I don’t mind hanging clothes in cold weather as long as it’s sunny; the chimney is the problem here. Another factor is whether someone in the area (who we are downwind of) used chicken poo for fertilizer on their farm that day. And the worst is when the pollen is so heavy that light green and yellow is flying through the air. But I have come up with a few ideas for line drying in the windows to take advantage of sunlight. I live in South Carolina too, and we can have all four seasons in one week from December through February.


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