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Flower Clothespins

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Here in south Texas, it is HOT and DRY.  Which means, finding any flowers is far and few between.  Everything is brown… Many cities and towns are under water rationing of varying degrees, so even ornamental stuff is stressed.  Out here in the country, we’re not under water restrictions – yet, but it’s not like we water everything in site either.  Just our newer native plants so that they have a chance to get established and trees and the grass around the house (fire break in case of forest fire)…

So, for today’s clothespin craft, I found this pretty and cheerful tutorial involving flowers.  I found it on the blog, Maiden Jane, and she has quite a few tutorials on how to make bags and… I especially like her sweat shirt tote bag tutorial!  These pins are probably not suitable to use out on the line, but it will still be a way to use extra pins that you have to make a quick gift for someone.  These would be nice for chip bags or mail or…


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  1. Hey, thanks for linking up to my Friday Follow link party! I think these are super cute! You could glue a magnet to the back and use them to hold pictures on your friday or recipe cards or kid’s art! What a great gift for a teacher or your mommy group. This is so cool. Thanks for sharing.


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