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Clothesline Fabric and Kits

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So, I was at a local quilt shop this morning, Once Around the Block in Giddings TX, looking for fabrics to match my vintage tablecloths that I’ve recently received to turn into clothespin bags… Such a hard job, this fabric shopping thing!

I had happened to bring one of my lidded clothespin bags with me so that they could see what I was talking about and not think that I am TOTALLY nuts.   A customer who was there saw the bag, loved it and… And I mentioned that I was thinking of making up a kit/tutorial to sell.  This interested lady said that if I stocked them in the shop that she would buy it!  Well, what was a poor shop owner to do but agree to carry my kits?

And, in order for folks to know what they were making, she gave me fabric to make up a demo bag to hang in the shop, too.  My kits will be there on a consignment basis, so she’s not out anything other than a bit of wall space (and a bit of fabric).  The picture above is the fabric that she gave me.  The bag will have the right print on the outside and the middle blue bubble print as a lining… cute, right?  The left fabric I bought to use to make a bag for my mom… shhhh!  Don’t spoil the secret!

Who knew that they have clothesline print fabric?  It’s Elizabeth’s Studio Spic N Span line.  Apparently, it’s been out for a while as I couldn’t find it on equilter and other sites that listed it didn’t have it in stock.  But, while looking for clothesline fabric, I did find this crazy cute gnome fabric where the little gnomes are hanging out their clothes above their little mushroom homes.  I really wish that I knew what to make this in to!

And, then I was chatting with a new friend over at Crafty Girls Workshop in San Antonio and she is also interested in stocking some of my kits!  It’s all so exciting and happening in one day!

SO – in the next few weeks I’m going to be super busy making up the tutorial and putting kits together.  They will be on my Etsy shop, too – so you folks not crazy enough lucky enough to live in Texas can make your own bags, too!


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  1. Congratulations! And what a great fabric find. Made for you.

  2. Movin’ on up!! I’ll be able to tell your fans “I knew her when…” hehe. I’m so excited for you!

  3. Really cute idea. Isn’t it great when something just falls in you lap like that. Congrats. I love that fabric. Reminds me of when I watched my grandma wash and hang out clothes.
    Following you via FNF blog hop. I too have an Etsy shop.
    Stop by and visit.

  4. That’s indeed exciting! Congratulations!

  5. Good for you! So exciting!

  6. Debbie Caldwell

    I am looking for material of clothesline like in your picture to make curtains. How can I order some ?

    • I am too let me know if you find it n website to order it

    • Ladies – I have no idea. I had this before the fire – 4 years ago. I found it at a quilt store locally. I don’t sell this sort of stuff either. I don’t even have any of this fabric anymore (since the fire)… but it was cute!

  7. I want to buy this material do you have for sale or know where i can get it?


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