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Clothespin Chore Chart

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Caitlin from the profile from yesterday sent me this great project link where they use clothespins to make a chore chart!

The tutorial over at The Silhouette Blog is a LOT more fancy than I’d probably do… mainly because I’m way to cheap to buy one of those fancy machines.  BUT, the idea is lovely and could easily be adapted using supplies on hand – embroidery thread to sew the words onto a strip of fabric, sharpee markers in different colors… AND, can’t you just see this with gussied up clothespins?  Add a bit of paint, some buttons or… to the pins to make them pretty!  Or, let your kids decorate their own pins (give them some ownership in the chore chart)… Have a household chart and an individual chart and heck – even one for mom and one for dad!


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  1. Dare I suggest a clothespin bag to hold the gussied up chore pins? Close your eyes, reach in and grab your chore? I love alone, and I might have to start the chore grab bag just to keep ME motivated 🙂

  2. The clothespin bag is a brilliant addition to this cool chore chart!


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