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Clothesline Profile – Duff in Illinois

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Duff is our latest Clothesline Profile!  She lives in a very cold place in Illinois and is an avid quilter and apron maker!  Someone with a love of fabric – I totally understand that!  She has a blog, Bacon Then Eggs, where she talks about fabric and aprons and… And, aprons are so cool.  So very vintage and yet there’s so much apron love out on the blogosphere right now.  I think that I need to make myself one!  

Many thanks to Duff for submitting her profile!  If you have a line that you’d like to see up on the blog (or know someone who does) please drop me a line!  Thanks!

How do you feel about clotheslines, or why do you use them?

 2 years ago I wanted to build a house. I even drew my own floor plans! Every subdivision with open lots said the same thing—no clotheslines. So, I bought a house that was already built in the only subdivision with newer homes that allowed a clothesline! Yes, I feel that strongly about it. I love the smell and the sun is a natural, free, abundant resource! 

How often do you line dry now?  All of the time, sometimes, a few times a week…?

I line dry whenever I can—usually just towels, quilts, sheets, pillowcases, tablecloths. I always dream of running in a field of poppies when I sleep between sheets that have been line-dried; it’s something about the smell that triggers my sense of freedom. It’s what I look forward to the most every spring.

Do you work full time/stay at home?

I am a teacher so I am home all summer; however, it’s not a matter of time—my neighbor works full time and still hangs clothes out on the line.

Does your husband/partner mind the line dry stuff?  Does he help put them out/take them in?

My son thinks that the towels are a little too “scratchy” after being on the line, but he doesn’t complain.   He’s in charge of all the house laundry, so when I put a load on the line it’s a “free day” for him.   I am the only one who puts it out or takes it in, but my son would do it if I asked him to.

Do your neighbors have lines?  If not, do they have opinions on yours?  Do live in a rural area or in a town setting?  Do you have an HOA?

Again, yes, my neighbor has a line—2 in fact. I definitely covet my neighbor’s clotheslines! I live in a town setting and there are no HOAs, thank goodness! Years ago I lived in a house with a beautiful clothesline; my neighbors referred to me as “the woman who hangs out her laundry” as though it were something to be ashamed of! I don’t hang out panties or anything like that! If I lived on a farm you’d have to stop me from hanging out everything, but I live in a subdivision and that’s just TMI (too much information).

How long have you line dried?  Did your mom use the line?

I have line-dried the laundry as far back as I can remember. My mother’s clothesline was a double that ran the entire length of our backyard. She loved the smell too! We had a clothes dryer in the house, but that was only for winter and “unmentionables.”

What is your line made of/constructed like? 

I bought a length of synthetic rope that I tie onto the fence posts with fancy knots. I’d like to have something longer, but this seems okay for right now because it holds one washer load.


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