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Salt Spout

OK, so when I saw this I immediately thought – well, duh.  How clever is this?  This is a super easy way to make a pour spout lid for canning jars – for free.  Perfect for sugar for your cereal, the office coffee room, baking soda for cleaning… lots of options!  And, I am betting that it wouldn’t be too hard to take some scrapbooking paper or a bit of wrapping paper and pretty up the top a bit, too.  Or even get creative with some markers… so many ideas!

Many thanks to My New Old School for letting me share this with you!  Her blog is full of fun old timy things – kind of like this blog!


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  1. I saw this on Pinterest and “pinned” it immediately! Ingenious.

  2. I’ve been pinching salt out of a mason jar with my fingers for how long now? Sometimes when I see this kind of thing I think I’m just not that bright. I’d say “genius” except actually, it’s more like, “Oh. Duh. I’m a doofus.”


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