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Historic Foods

Since starting the Gram’s Cookbook series, I have entered an area that I’d never been interested in before – historic recipes.  I started the Gram’s thing because she was my Gram and I loved her and this newly found book was a window into her life that I’d never seen before.

However, in digging further into this, and in meeting new blog friends, I’ve discovered a few other folks and articles who are also interested in old recipes.

The New York Times has an article this week about the Puritans and their foods.  The talk about a book, The Taste of America, which was originally published in 1977  but has recently been re-published with updates.  Definitely going on my birthday wish list!

Then, there is the Williamsburg Cookbook, which looks like such fun!  It has updated recipes of foods found in colonial times… and I really want to see this one too!

Fannie’s Last Supper, of the Fannie Farmers Cookbook fame, is a PBS show (aired in 2010) and book.  On the website for the show, they have a page full of recipes from the book.  The Brain Balls are perhaps not my thing, but I am intrigued by the Prune Pudding.  In fact, I think that I’ll try this next week and give a post on how it turns out.

Masterpiece Theatre: The Secret Life of Mrs. Beeton, is a movie based on the life of the author of the first modern cookbook.  Available on Netflix DVD service (sadly, not streaming on demand) I look forward to getting a chance to watching this!

The blog, The Kitchn, has a post from a few years ago about the 5 most favorite old timey kitchen tools.  I really covet an egg beater I have to say!

So, I hope that you enjoy a few of these links… I thought I’d rather share than try to remember and post all of this later.  Do you know of any other fun books or websites for vintage recipes?  I’d love to learn about them if you do!

Happy Friday…


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  1. I love Mark Kurlansky, and his book ‘The Food of a Younger Land: A portrait of American food- before the national highway system, before chainrestaurants, and before frozen food, when the nation’s food was seasonal’ was fascinating to me!

  2. Oh oh…. I just checked out the 5 fav old tools… and I own 4 of them! Sheesh, I must be getting older than I feel.

  3. I have a dough blender, egg beater, spring coil whisk and a wire whisk that looks like it has chicken wire on it (store bought) that belonged to my grandmother. They are pretty old as I am a grandmother also. I can say that I use at least one of them every time I cook.


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