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Vintage Spring Rocking Chair

My good friend, Edna, and her daughter, Ava, were down a few weeks ago to visit.  Edna and I escaped the house without the girls and went to a few yard sales.  The first sale I hit gold!  The girls posed for us – they loved the chair from the beginning too!  Rosie is on the left, Ava on the right.

For $20 I bought this very cool platform spring rocking chair.  By that I mean that the feet never leave the floor and the seat part rocks on the feet by springs under the seat.

The cushions look new, and the colors are along the same lines as the rest of living room, so I have no intention of changing that, at least for now.

But the wood?  I REALLY don’t like dark wood … so knew that it had to be changed.   Because of all of the groovies and cranies, I opted to use spray paint instead of a brush… and ended up with Krylon Burgundy Gloss.  I had to take the fabric bit off of the chair underneath the cushion because we couldn’t figure out how to spray paint it and not get it on the fabric.  So, with 1 million brads and staples, that took some time.   While working on that, we discovered that one of the wire springs supporting the cushions was broken – so Russ had to do a hill billy fix to it… it works but I’m sure that anyone who upolsters is having a fainting spell right now.

Still, I think that it turned out really pretty!  It’s not perfect by any shot, but for $40 including the paint and the chair, I think that it is a GREAT addition to my living room.

I love wooden chairs, love they are so much cleaner (and I’m NOT a clean freak), how the cushions can easily be changed out as needed/wanted… how they’re super durable.  This one in particular, it’s my favorite chair now.  Just enough rock to keep the biggest figitter happy and make little girls smile.

Happy Sunday!!!


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  1. It looks wonderful!!! Great job, and your model is gorgeous!!

  2. Looks great! Rosie looks like she’s feeling lots better too!!

    • Bobh2 • 21 de Abril de 2011 às 01:16To tendo uma dificudade pra coloca a foto do autor do Post se alguem tive uma dica ae de como seja pleas me envia aeou posta aqui mesmo eu leio quase todo dia ObÃadagoTridur§Ã£o deu certinho

    • Obama i tak ma dobrze, że nie jest prezydentem w Polsce- tutaj, gdyby przyjechaÅ‚ na miejsce kataklizmu to KaczyÅ„ski szalaÅ‚by, że robi sobie kampaniÄ™ na zgliszczach, a gdyby nie przyjechaÅ‚, KaczyÅ„ski szalaÅ‚by jeszcze mocniej…

  3. Could you tell me about the chair in the background (ie, what is the manufacturer)? I have been searching for one similar to it. Thanks!


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