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Hi all.  Sorry for the LONG delay in posting.  Apparently, my avoidance of the issue is strong and … honestly, it’s just embarrassing at this point. And depressing. And… well, I’m sure you can imagine.

ImageBut, I wanted to show you what we managed to bring with us from our evacuation in September.  These pictures were taken at my sister in laws house in the first couple of weeks after the start of the fire.  We’ve replaced a lot of stuff since then (especially clothes and kitchen stuff) but…  This, plus 2 large dogs and a kid is what we have left from “before”.  We’re lucky to have gotten this much out to be sure.  Luckily, I had thought about this situation  before and so had a few piles of pictures/files…  What would you bring outImage?Image


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  1. The pics sure put things into perspective. I’m relieved to see your framed wedding stuff. I wondered about that. Not much will fit in our vehicle so I really need to think about what’s most important (material stuff as the kids/hubby/animals are a given) should have to evacuate ever. It’s good to see you posting again, btw!


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