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Stationery Sets

So, living in the RV doesn’t afford me much extra space.  And yet, the crafty gene is still a strong component of my life!  So, you might be wondering what I’ve been doing all of this time…

I’ve been making stationery.  I know – NOT fabric.  But, with no place to keep the sewing machine set up, it’s just hard at this point.  I am thinking that perhaps in the spring I can set the old Bernina up on the table outside… but I’m still not sure about that.

These paper sets are used children’s books.  I take the pages out and use the pages to make the envelopes!  Then, the cover is used to make the set case.  The rest of it is scrapbooking paper and cotton writing paper.  I think that they’ve turned out looking pretty nice!  And yes, this is all my very own idea.

They do take a bit of time to make as they are entirely hand made, but I am hoping that people will think that these are the perfect gift for the book lover who still writes old fashioned letters!  I have 3 sets for sale in my Etsy shop and 5 sets in a local book store in Bastrop.

If you’re still shopping for holiday gifts (I know that I am – I’m even still MAKING a couple but they have to stay a secret for now…) there is a blog that has lots of ideas and links of where you can buy hand made gifts.  I don’t know about you, but I’d MUCH rather support local artisans than a factory in China!

What are you giving for gifts this year?  Are you ready yet or just getting started?  One of my favorite blogs, Unclutterer, has a holiday gift giving guide series for those of us who don’t want to add to useless STUFF of our loved ones.  On her latest post, it talks a bit about stocking stuffers… Maybe a bit of mental food for thought when you’re trying to figure out what Santa will bring this year!


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  1. Very pretty and unique! It makes me sad that letter writing isn’t the norm anymore! I still love to write and receive letters in the mail!


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