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Sorry for the exceptionally long delay in posting.  I have lousy excuses other than the insanity of mentally getting through a disaster.

A few things have changed since last I posted…

ImageRight now, I’m 32 weeks pregnant with our second daughter!  We very much wanted to have another child, but I had a very hard time getting pregnant… needless to say, chlomid (an entry level fertility drug) and disaster recovery make for some interesting mood swings.

Eleanor Edna is due August 29… but as I will likely have a repeat c-section, she will probably come a week earlier.  And, the first anniversary of the fire is Sept. 4, so apparently we decided to have as much change in one year as possible.

We also got a new kitty in November.  A calico named Ruby.  She turned 1 around June…


We also got a new house.  But, as people were asking what it looked like here before, I am doing a series of pictures below.  From before, right after, during and now…


March 2009, the day we moved in.  Rosie was 8 months old then.


This is spring 2011 I think.


Fall 2010.


September 2011



And then, today.  the new house, which is currently in the process of being painted by volunteers.


The new house was built by a group called Christian Aid Ministries, which is a cooalition of Mennonite and Amish volunteers who go to disaster areas and help.  We paid for materials, Russ did a LOT of the labor, but they did 3/4 or so of the house building, the stuff that was beyond our tool and capacity set.


The carport has been taken down, Russ will put it on the left where the car will park eventually.  The shed will be pulled to behind the house.  The RV sold.  And we still have a lot to do after that.


There’s a lot more sunlight than before.  A lot fewer trees… we’re slowly planting back trees and Russ had planted annual rye grass to stabilize the soil over the winter.  He’s since planted tall native grasses around the perimeter – we’re not used to being so exposed and are wanting some privacy back.

Officials say it will be 60-100 years before the trees return to what they were.  Maybe Rosie and Eleanor will get a chance to see it.

I really hope to be posting more now that I’ve braved it all again.  My stress is getting less, with each step towards normal that we take.  I have even started sewing again this week!  More later… thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Monique in TX

    So wonderful to see you and the new house and the outline of Eleanor!

  2. Welcome back!! So glad to see this post show up in my feed! I’ve been thinking about you and hoping things were going well Wow, some big changes! Congratulations on the new addition (Eleanor is a wonderful name)!!!! As you may know, I’m just a few weeks ahead of you (37 weeks this friday), also expecting a little girl. I’m super excited for both of us. And you have a new house! WOW. It’s wonderful to see things returning to “normal” for you. Not just regular ol’ normal, either, but a really nice new normal. You deserve it. Cheers, Inder

    • Inder…. So nice to hear from you! And, congrats on your little girl! What will her name be? I’m 32 weeks along as of today. Repeat C a week ahead of the normal due date if things go to plan. It is nice to be finding “normal” again… whatever that is. We will still be working on the house when Nora arrives, and then normal will change again! It’s so nice to be back in a bigger space, my own space that can’t roll away. With a real sized shower that I don’t have to be a contortionist to fit into. As soon as we moved into the house, stress started leaving… I started sleeping through the night again, Rosie’s imaginary friends went away… I don’t know why I didn’t post for so long. I think I got tired of explaining to people who didn’t already get it. And the house building was stressful and my buffer is still very small and I think I maxed out emotionally. Plus the pregnancy hormones. 🙂 The one year fire anniversary is 2 weeks or so after Nora’s due date, and for some reason, the anniversary is stressing me out, too. Maybe it’s just an emotional hurdle to get through still.

      But, I’m currently busy sewing.. I have the living room drapes done and the kitchen and back door valances. I’m working now on fabric to go above my bed between the windows… and then a bed skirt. Not to mention all of the sewing I HAVE to do for the girls rooms. Roman blinds (5 of them) and valances and cutting down a queen set to a twin and…

      How has your pregnancy been? I had a minor, very minor, complication during the 2nd trimester with significant anemia. Had to go get IV iron therapy, which was really the way to go. But, the anemia cooresponded with the painting of the interior of the house… so I really haven’t done much in that regard.

      I at least have started sewing again. My sewing nook is on the list to do before Nora, as we want the room for the grandma room, but not sure if we’ll get there. My sewing area will mainly be inside of the closet with fabric storage in a cabinet in the room. Just need a futon to put in there so grandma has a place to sleep…

  3. Hey Jeanie,
    I have been wondering how you all are doing and if miss Eleanor has arrived? Life is going well here in Hutch, but busy as ever! 🙂 Our youth group often thinks back to that fun, hot week in Texas! Hope your day is filled with sunshine!
    ~Kimberly (your painter KS friend 🙂


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