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Clothespin Bag Collection

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Clothespin Bag Collection

Just a few of the bags I’ve made recently – coming soon to my Etsy shop!

Hello my Lovelies.  It’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted.  I know, I don’t get it either.  But, it’s not like I haven’t been busy… baby, new house, normal life stuff… And it’s not like I didn’t WANT to make bags or sew or post on the blog.  I kept having these ideas of things to post but getting to this point was harder than you might think.  Maybe it’s a bit of post disaster stress.  I don’t know.  I have noticed that post fire some things I want exactly the same, like the same Fiestaware dishes that I had before.  And then other stuff?  Never want to see it again.  And right now I can’t come up with an example of that.  Sigh.  But I know that other people I’ve talked to have had similar responses which is wierd but nice to know that I’m not crazy all by myself.  🙂

But with this blog, I don’t know.  It was mixed.  It was part of my before and for some reason it was hard to make it part of the after.  But, I’m determined to reclaim it even though I’m a bit stressed out about it at the moment (maybe because the baby is awake in bed and I’m just waiting for her to start her daily screaming?) I will continue.  I will.

Part of my recent motivation is my good friend Anna (who is an amazing artist and has the coolest fancy things to wear at her Levity shop) wanting to take a few of my bags to her booth at the fancy show that the Symphony is putting on this weekend.  So, after the holiday gifts were made and given, I started sewing.  A lot.  And with the baby, my only time to do it was at 5 am.  If I was lucky and she stayed asleep!  So, around 43 bags later, I’ve declared victory over the sewing and now have a decent inventory!  This picture is just a few of what I have, the rest are at the show this weekend.  I’ll be happy if a few of them sell actually.  The bags in this picture are actually currently or soon will be in my Etsy shop.

And, the Etsy shop – has a new name!  Clothespin Queen.  Yup, I’ve declared myself a queen.  It’s a good name and I made tags for my bags and …

Anyways, I have ideas and posts in the making, plus lots of baby and house pictures.  And chicken pictures!  (The fence that the bags are on in the picture is part of the new and soon to be finished chicken coop!)  So please, check back often again… Hope to see you all soon.


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