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Spring Wildflowers

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Spring in Texas – it means only one thing.  Wildflowers.  And normally, lots of them.  Being plant people, my hubby and I actively try to encourage the natives in our yard. 


These are called spiderworts, or Tradescantia.  There are two local species… the tall ones and the short.  We transplanted these tall ones from another location in town several years ago and they have been very happy here ever since.  (And we’re glad we did – the original population has since been bulldozed.)  Last weekend, we moved some of the short ones that were already on our property to a more prominent position.  But, I don’t have pictures of those yet.


There are also natural variations that are pink.  We had more of these before but our old dog Monster (who died of some sort of cancer last summer) liked to dig wallows and this was one of his spots until we added spikey sticks in his hole.  They’ll recover and now we’ll always remember where he liked to dig!


Our redbud tree survived the fire but didn’t bloom last year.  We’re very happy to see it blooming this year!


There are also bluebonnets.  There is the species that is native to this area that have the blue on the flowers but the top of the spike is blue, too…


But these are the other Texas native, that the highway folks seed out… and are usually in the traditional spring picture.

Happy Spring everyone!


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  1. Beautiful! I also keep close tabs on California wildflowers every spring (also being a plant person). There is a special moment when the lupine (which, btw, is closely related to bluebonnet) and poppies start to bloom and you know Spring is here!

    My favorite Texas natives are sitting on your lap, though. CUTENESS!! 🙂

  2. Spiderwort is one of my favorite Texas wildflowers.
    Spring Blessings,
    Catherine 🙂


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