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new-small-creativeThis is just a test… will edit and explain more later.  I hope.



OK, so to update this… I am Farmgirl Sister #4945.  Yup, I officially joined up and now I get to earn merit badges in fancy things like sewing, knitting, recycling, cooking…. it’s like 4-H for adult women.  And so far, it’s fun!  You can join too… at Mary Janes Farm sisterhood.  They even have local chapters, though none where I live, so I think I’m going to try to start one here.  Originally, and I’ll be honest here, I wanted a way to reach this group of ladies who seem to be of the clothesline drying persuasian.  And they have this fancy Girl Gab thing where sisters blogs are posted up there and… but as I read more and get more into it, it’s like the sort of group that I’ve been needing my entire life.  Farm type women (even in cities) who like to recycle and eat healthy food and even gluten free stuff…. and of course, line dry their clothes!

So, anyways, I needed to put the buttons on my side bar but had to have them on line to link to… so they went here.  So, now you know.


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