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This post is a tease.  I’m only posting my little sewing thread organizer idea.  The rest of the sewing closet will come later.




Isn’t this cute?

Any idea what it is?

A wooden silverware drawer organizer tray!   On it’s side!

Yup.  I spray painted it red, then glued the little metal hangers on the back with my trusty E6000 glue.  I didn’t nail the hangers on because the wood of the tray is so thin it would have cracked and just been a mess.  Plus, this is easier.  And, because the paint and the glue off-gas a LOT and it smells terrible in the process, I let it air out for over a week outside on my porch.  Then, I used the paper idea to identify where the hangers were, taped the paper onto my wall where I wanted it and then put two little nails (one for each hanger) on the wall… and hung my fancy thread holder!   (My husband refers to this as girly carpentry but I prefer to think of it as not needing a man.)

Ta Da!!!!!

This is what it looked like before I added the very fancy pretty paper to the part on the right.




Another stunningly simple yet pretty tutorial for the sewing closet will come your way tomorrow or soon there after – depending on what the baby decides!

Have a lovely day!




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