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Welcome to my Sewing Closet!

This was supposed to be a normal closet for a bedroom… but I knew from the beginning that I wanted something different.   I always do research and had looked at a LOT of other peoples sewing/craft/office closets and pinned them to my Sewing Space Ideas board on Pinterest.   Click on the link for lots more ideas that I have found!   I knew that this was the answer.  I wanted it because it was tidy and because then the sewing room could also be the guest room.  (And as it turns out, it was also for 3 weeks the chicken brooder room.)

And you know what?  It’s my favorite sewing space ever.  Why?  Because everything is organized right there.  Easy to reach.  Hubby took a long corded power strip and plugged it into the light inside the closet so that the entire set up turns on and off with the light switch on the wall.   (Our electrician couldn’t understand why I wanted a light in a little closet… I now wish I would have had him put in a bunch of outlets on the back wall instead of this power strip but oh well.  Next time.  🙂  It also just works well for sewing.  I have enough light, enough cubbies to store bobbins and scissors and… and it’s just pretty.


So, this is the left side.   The white shelf I got at the thrift store for $5 and then painted it.  The pretty print in the back of it – cardboard covered in wrapping paper from the $1 section at Target covered in clear contact paper!  I used the same method to make the trash can (below a few pictures) and I just love it.  It goes with my paint color.  The shelf brackets – normal white brackets that I spray painted red before we installed them.  They’re there anyways, may as well make them fun!  And the owl thing kind of evolved.  I never liked owls until my friend Edna started pointing them out… and then I made a Pinterest board for owls.  And it kind of happened.  Then, I found the green owl (next to the pictures) at the Target dollar section for $2.50… and it had to come home.  It holds my seam ripper, pens, chalk pencils…. that sort of thing.   The picture to the right of the owl is my great gram (of Gram’s Cookbook) when she was in her early 20’s…


This is the wall to the right.  Because the master bath shower water is all on this wall, we didn’t want to put any nails or anything into it for fear of busting a pipe.  The owl I found in the craft section at Walmart… And the magnetic dry erase board.  That was a challenge!  I tried using the sticky pads that came with it, but after a few months, the board came off of the pads.  However, the pads stuck to the wall and then when I tried to take them off it took the paint off too!  So, my suggestion – don’t use the sticky pads.  If you have a narrow space like this  you can do what I did.

I used a tension curtain rod and then ran that through chip clips!  These are Oxo Good Grips clips that conveniently came in red!  My husband again refered to it as “girly carpentry” but really – it works and was easy.  So there.

And the silver hook on the bottom of the board is magnetic and what I use to hold my tiny thread scissors.


So, back to the first picture – you’ve already seen my fancy thread holder.  To the left of that is the bar with purple cups on it – to hold scissors and tape and whatever I’m needing at the moment.  Below that is the magnetic bar (Ikea) that I use to hold my little metal boxes.  They hold all sorts of doo-dads.  The first shelve above – dish pans from Walmart!  Super cheap (and red) and fit just right.  Great for projects in process.  The shelf above is the fabric box cubbies.  I would like to say that we planned the height of the shelves so that this would all fit but… ya, it was totally a happy accident!  And then the top shelf holds yarn bags and scrapbook paper and other hard to store stuff.


I use lots of buttons, magnets, and other things… like my sewing tags for my bags.  Keeps things accessible and organized at the same time.  Plus, who doesn’t need a small can of Spam?


Down below, I have my trash can.   And my sewing stuff box.  Very exciting.

trashbox together

But, the trash box?  A friend of mine gave me this box (I asked for cereal boxes as I use them in shipping my clothespin bags)… and while it is a cereal box, it wasn’t the size that I needed.  But, it was a great trash can!  And for a long time, it was just a cereal box that I used as a trash can.  But, then I had to make my sewing closet all pretty for you all to see… so I finally got around to gussying up the place.  The same thing – wrapping paper and clear contact paper.  Easy peasy and now it matches!


So, of course, I need fabric storage and that doesn’t fit in my closet… so out into the room we go.  A nice cabinet that I have fabric and I optimistically thought would store all of my fabric that I would keep in the house.  Ah well, a girl can dream.


Then we added the tall closet next to it.  And while it looks like a lot of fabric, I’ve gone down a good bit and am making lots of stuff still…  A lot of that fabric was donated after the fire or fabric that I find at thrift stores.  Though, I do admit to having bought some of it.  And I use it and plan on using more… currently I’m making baby bibs but after that is done, then aprons and closet safes and coffee bag wallets (tutorials on all of those to come!) and…. so many plans and so few naps from the baby!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my little sewing nook tour.

Have a lovely day!


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  1. Wow, thats a huge small closet. I just love how organizing makes a small space huge. And I am green with envy.

  2. Is your desk just two shelves put together?

  3. Yes – my husband put two melamine covered shelves together and has some 2 x 4 supports connecting them underneath – the entire thing is supported by the red L brackets set into the wall studs. It worked out to be cheaper than a large solid piece of wood. We also drilled a large hole in the back and used a cord protector ring from an office supply store to line it… and that is what the power cords for the sewing machine, lamps… run through. The surge protector/power strip is below the table top on the wall and everything plugs in to that. Hope that my answer fills in enough of the gaps!

  4. Oh this is my dream sewing room! Until then, I’ll try to be content with the dining room table. The coolest thing was turning that wooden silverware divider into your spool holder! Or maybe how you hung the whiteboard..girly carpentry works! Actually, it looks like I’d like mine to…:) Keep sewing all of you.

  5. Ah, it’s so cute! Love the bright and cheerful colors! And that Spam tin – that’s a keeper, for sure. I want one of those, but minus the actual Spam, please? So nice that you have this lovely dedicated space for your creative urges!

  6. very cool! love your little space…and the color on the walls is so nice and fresh and cheery. 🙂

  7. Clever, clever you!! Such a pretty space and so organized.

  8. I started in a basement closet. Closets are a great set up. I truly feel a person needs as little or much space as they want to sew. Your sewing closet is adorable!

    My closet ended up throwing up into 1/3 of the family room now. 🙂

  9. I like those little clever ideas! Nicely done.

  10. Linda Halcomb

    What a great space! Love the red! Enjoyed the tour!


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