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5th birthday

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Rosie is 5 today.  Such a big age.  And yet so small.  She’s happy and terrified all in one.  Thrilled to be “plain 5” (as opposed to 4 and 1/2 or 5 and 1/2) and terrified of the changes coming in her life – kindergarten.

I have to say, I am scared, too.  Scared for her and us and all of the big changes that school brings.  She is a very sensitive soul and is very cautious to say the least.  She loves to snuggle and play with dolls and is so compasionate and caring to others… but any sort of change or putting her in the spot light is too much for her.  And for that reason, school will be hard at the start.

She woke up this morning and told me that “it is hard being 5”.  I asked if it was harder than being 4 and she said yes.  After some probing she revealed that 5 is hard because you have to leave your mama and go to school.  How I wish that Kindergarten was still 1/2 days!  She insists that she will never go to college because she doesn’t want to leave home.  And she doesn’t believe me when I tell her that her opinion will likely change when she is 18.

I wish that I could keep her here at home with me forever – to be able to freeze this time in place and never have to leave it.  To be able to keep my beautiful, happy little “craftist” just like this forever.  I love her so much just as she is and it seems nearly impossible that I will love her more as she grows into the adult that she will become.  And yet – she will be an amazing adult and I am just as excited to see who she becomes.

So, happy birthday my most beloved little girl.  Mama loves you a zillion billion kadzillion.


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  1. Touching!! She was so adorable at school today I just had to hug her.


  2. Happy birthday Rosie! You’re going to be *just fine.* (You too, mama.)

  3. Happy Birthday!! Kindergarten is just the beginning of the next adventure! For both of you 🙂

  4. Oh I sooo relate!
    I have a very sensitive, insightful artistic 6 year old, who was a sensitive insightful, artistic 5 year old about to enter kinder this time 12 months ago. My heart probably ached the entire 12 months prior to kinder. I dreaded that day as if I was having to take her to a child labor camp. I knew so many things would change for us. She was amazingly resilient, of course, but I still sometimes wish I’d homeschooled her (like when I found out she’d be rezoned to another school for first grade and when it was clear her class contained the problem child of the whole kindergarten BUT there’s no way to know how it’s going to go until she starts, and she’s made friends, has had others besides us affirm her artistic abilities.)

    I found your blog by the way from a comment you wrote on someone’s minimalist blog, and since my parents used to live in TAhitian village in Bastrop, was anxious to read your recovery story.


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