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Baby Bib WINNER!!!!!

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By the unquestionable and time honored tradition of choosing winners of “Einee Mienee Minee Mo”, the winner is….


I have sent Lori and email and if I don’t hear back from her by Sunday, I will contact another person as the new winner.

I will also be picking a winner for 2 more bibs from the Facebook page of those who commented there.  Just because I love you all!  🙂

Thanks to all who entered.  Please stay tuned for the next give away coming up in June – this time it will be a coffee bag wallet.  Also some hand stamped to use outside on your clothesline clothespins (made by me of course) and then later in July – my own design closet safe!

I will also be looking for a couple of pattern testers for both the wallet and the closet safe, so if you like to sew and wouldn’t mind helping me work out the kinks of a couple of patterns, please contact me.  For the wallet, you will need to collect two mylar coffee bags (the kind with ground or whole beans) in good shape, not torn, just the tops cut off.  Details on pattern testing to come later.

Have a great Wednesday!


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  1. I love my new bibs!!!! So freaking cute! I need to take a photograph for you!


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