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closet safe

I am making closet safes.  What is a closet safe?  It is a fabric bag with a zipper or other closing method that is on a hanger.  You put whatever treasures that you don’t want the boogey man to find inside, zip it shut, then hang a sweater or jacket or something over the top.  Then, put it in with the rest of your clothes.  Simple!

Now, I will be the first to admit that there are a zillion closet safes out there, especially on Etsy.  But, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that is on a plastic hanger.  Wooden bar hangers are no doubt easier to sew a bag around but let’s be honest – I don’t have any of those hangers in my closet.  If I’m wanting to hide the queen’s jewels from someone, shouldn’t the hidey hole blend in with everything else?  Which is why I made this to fit cheapy walmart hangers.  Which is all that I have in my closet.  Thank you.

Does it work?  Well, my hubs has a very good friend who is a police officer in a major metropolitan city in the very very nasty side of town…  and he said he’s never seen any crook rumage through someones clothes.  SO, I took it as a good sign that these might actually work.

Only one issue – you have to remember what outfit your loot is hiding under.  You also have to NOT donate clothes on the hanger, just incase you donate the safe, too!

But, since the policeman friend thought it was a good idea, and since we’ll be seeing him this weekend, I made this safe up for him as a surprise!

It’s in manly green with a denim blue interior (the bag is fully lined).  To be specific, the green is a Marimekko fabric that I got at a fab rummage sale in Austin last year for a few dollars.  As in $3 or $4.  If you aren’t familiar with this fabric, it normally runs $45-60 per yard.  I have no idea why – it’s just crazy!  And, this print isn’t even all that pretty to me, but is lovely for a safe that you don’t want to be super obvious to the bad guy.

I have plans on making a tutorial (soon!) for this and selling it as a PDF download in my Etsy shop.  Before that happens though – I will be giving the pattern away to all of my loyal readers for free for a couple of weeks!  Because I love you that’s why.

Now, to get the baby to sleep later than 6:30 so that I can actually sew/work… sigh.


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  1. Oooh, what a cool idea! I have so little that is actually “valuable” except sentimentally, but this is so clever.


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