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Chicken Day Spa

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spa 4

This is the new chicken day spa.  1000 square feet (or close to) of chicken happiness.  Completely covered over the top with chicken wire to keep out pesky squirrels, who are rather assertive this year, and to keep out the nesting pair of hawks that we have living in our back acres.  No organic chicken dinner for them!  And, the sides are tall enough that we can walk underneath should the need arise to rescue a bird or plant in new seeds or…

spa 1

Hubs built this just last week and there is a pop door connecting the little day pen to the spa area so that we can let them out, or not, as needed.  Eventually, there will be 2 more enclosures around the coop like this one so that we can rotate them through and then replant the areas that they’re not in at that moment.

spa 2

The girls have gone from an adequate 10 square feet of yard space each to 100 square feet of weedy glory.

spa 3

Of course, that does not mean that they are opposed to sharing their dust baths.  This is Fea (or ugly in Spanish) my weirdly feathered easter egger and one of the brahmas.  Fea is lacking tail feathers and back feathers under her wings and has always been like this.  So far though, she seems to be doing fine.  And since we have such fine sand (called sugar sand around here) dust baths are a wonderful thing to young lady chickens.

At some point soon, maybe in the next month when they are 5 months old, the girls should start laying eggs.  The one remaining rooster has been doing his guy thing for a month now though.  However, the 3 roosters that hubs butchered this past weekend, and that are now in my freezer, were much more aggressive.  The male that we have left is a Buff Orphington and is a fairly nice guy – so far.  Not that it matters, he’ll be joining his friends soon… hubs was going to give him to a friend to eat but hasn’t gotten that far yet.

So, that’s where our chickens are at the moment.  They’re fun.  They eat kitchen scraps.  They’re quiet except for the rooster.  They don’t really smell due to how I designed the coop.  And once the coop was built, they’re really not very much work either.  (I’m sure the hubs would disagree though!)

Have a happy day!


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  1. Wow, that is one seriously fantastic chicken spa/palace. Maybe you can convert the hubs with amazing omelets and baked goods … yummy.


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