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I couldn’t plan this if I wanted to.  After a recent rain (and no, I never thought I would say that in the middle of July in Texas) I looked out at the spa area and saw the girls, all sitting on one of the tree branches that we arranged in there just for their pleasure.  All brown white brown white… The two easter eggers (Frida and Fea) are around the edges – I think they’re pretty low on the pecking order.  Silly girls!

Our last rooster met the grim reaper over the weekend – he was giving me the stink eye too!  It’s much quieter with him in our freezer and Frida especially seems happy about that.  He seemed to have chosen her as his “special girl” for whatever reason and always singled her out to do what roosters do.


Oh, and Frida the name?  The Mexican artist from the early to mid 1900s.  There’s a good movie about her life.  And Fea is named in Spanish so it just followed that Frida should also have a Latin influenced name.  And I’m a geek.  (Picture from the wikipedia site linked in the picture.)

On other fronts, I have a so far mildly sick baby with gi issues.  You know it’s a mama day when both of you get to change clothes at least once.  And trying to get that little thing to drink pedialyte?  Holy pizzas.  It’s drama.  But, after Rosie got oh so sick when she was 3 and nearly ended up in the hospital because of dehydration, I will NOT go down that route again.  Eleanor will drink until she makes pee.  And then she’ll drink some more.  I just wish the stuff tasted better so that she’d want to drink it.  Rosie got to the point of my forcing it down her (with a syringe into her mouth and a rag under her chin) that she now likes drinking it.  I think it connected that it made her feel better and now she calls it medicine juice.  Eleanor is clearly not to that stage yet.   It could be a very long day.


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  1. Yikes, sick dehydrated kid. That is NOT a fun day for a mom. Shudder. Hope she’s all better now!

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