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I took this picture with my Samsung SIII cell phone while holding a squirmy baby.   Mrs. Dragonfly was sitting on top of a burr oak tree seedling (that isn’t so happy about living in our yard for some reason) and it just didn’t move!  I got within a foot of it… it buzzed me once, then went right back to the same branch.  One of its lower wings is a bit torn; I think she’s been around a while in dragonfly time.  We have a lot of these beauties in our yard, especially with all of the unexpected rain we’ve had in the past 2 weeks (over 5 1/2 inches!) so they seem to be very happy chowing down on whatever it is that they eat.

At any rate, I didn’t think I stood a chance of getting a good shot with a cell phone camera while holding a baby, but this is what I found when I got inside.  Of course, I DID take like 20 pictures before finding this one shot… Just wanted to show off a bit.  🙂

Happy Monday!


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  1. Ginny Vogelbaugh

    I didn’t get the dragonfly pic. We could use se of that rain. A note from Nancy said they are getting lot of rain. Maybe Belpre will get some to. Off to bridge. Virginia

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  2. hello super contente pour toi et c super de nous faire partager ton parcours en floride..c la belle vie mais n'oublie pas ton objectif preolssifnneole. je te suis sur ton blog et sur utube tu es genialKissWilma


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