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Oct. 6, 1862

John Lovless 3

John A. Loveless volunteered 25 August, 1862
40 Reg. Co G
Capt. Thomas Jenkins
Coln John A. Garet

The following poem is on top of stationary used.

Forever float that standard sheet,
Where breathes the foe but falls before us
With Freedom ‘ s soil beneath our feet,
And Freedom ‘ s banner waving o’er us

Camp Pope
Oct the 6th, 1862
Iowa City, Iowa
Dear Wife we got here yesterday at three oclock on yesterday an have a
pretty place to Camp on. Our oficers and men are all here and a good
appearance they make to. i am very well satisfied with my place here.
we are in the 4th reg. the 28 is here to with us. you _____ write to me
as you get this.
No More At presant so good by for this time.
direct your letters to John A. Loveless
Camp Pope
Iowa City, Iowa
Care Of
Capt Jenkins
Yours truly
John A. Loveless

Camp Pope is in Iowa City, Iowa. It was a 28 acre training camp (one of two in Iowa) and between August and December 1862, three infantry regiments each spent one month at the camp. Reportedly, within weeks of the 3rd regiment leaving in mid-December, the barracks were moved by local farmers to their farms. There is now a marker on a large boulder marking the location of the old training facility.


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