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Oct 26, 1862

Camp Pope Iowa City Iowa, Oct the 26th, 1862

Dear Wife it is with pleasure that i take my pen in hand to let you

know that  I am well and hope you same and the rest of the folks. We

been here two weeks last Wensday and have drawn our blankets and expect

to organize next week. i have wrote two letters to you before and

received no answer as yet and know not what to make of it as yet there

has been but little deserting, (the rest of this letter is missing )

Direct your letter to John A. Loveless

Camp Pope Iowa City, Iowa

Care of Capt Jenkins

A great deal is known about the supplies issued to soldiers on the Union side.  This link provides a very good description of items provided.  Of particular interest is the fact that the first mass produced shoes that were specific for left and right feet were made for the Union soldiers.  Also, during the winter, the soldiers would nail small iron horse shoes to the heels to help provide traction in the snow and rocks and to make the shoes last longer as they were made entirely of leather.


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  1. Very interesting info about the supplies for the Union Troops. Thanks for the link


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