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Nov 10, 1862

Nov 10, 1862

Camp Pope, Iowa City Iowa, Nov the 10, 1862
Dear Wife, it is with pleasure that i take my pen in hand to let you
know that i am well and hope your the same. i got your letter on the
2nd(?) and was glad to hear from you and home and my little boy. tell
him i want to see him bad. i got a letter from Elisia and will send
_____ _____YOU ____ i send this by ____ ____Flan __ Y _____ and Couts has
got the measels but are a geting better now. We are organized now and
have drawn part of our ____ we have got very good oficers in our
Regiment you spoke about haveing a pair of mittens for me. i would like
to have them very much. we will be m_____d in this week and draw part
of our money i expect you ____ ____ to send you the directions to find
that Star(?) it is four miles below Warrens mill in the other side of
Skunk(?) River and a mile and 1/2 from it at Jeferson Camells(?) that
_____ of Jim Parke due the first of next month. i am as healthy as a
Jack Ass all the time i expect to come home before i live here
So no more at presant i believe. give my best respects to all. kiss my
boy for me. write as soon as you get this
yours truly
John A. Loveless
to his wife Catherine M. Loveless
good by for this time

Disease was a major factor in the Civil War. According to newly calculated figures of the number of deaths between both sides during the war, approximately 750,000 soldiers died during the war. (Reference from the New York Times article of 2012.)  Of those, 2/3 of the deaths were directly tied to disease.  Of those, 11,000 died from complications of measles.    Total, there were 3 million men who fought in the war.  Total percent of the American population that died is about 2.5%.  If an equivalent percentage of Americans died from a war today, we would loose 7,850,000 people today.


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