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Thanksgiving in the Early 1900’s


Back in the time when Edna was young, in the time when her cookbook was being thought of and compiled, Thanksgiving was apparently different.  I learned of this today when I saw an article on NPR’s Facebook feed.  It rather surprised me.  Upon thinking about it, I think it is because it is easy to assume that things then were similar to things now.  When I knew Edna, we didn’t dress up in masks and I don’t recall her ever talking about such traditions.  And maybe she didn’t know of them – perhaps they didn’t make their way to the prairie of Eastern Kansas.  Whatever the case, it is rather fascinating to peer back in time, to a time when people you have loved were living… and see how different things were.  There’s more interesting reading on the topic.  Thanksgiving Maskers is one of them.  The Huffington Post has another interesting read and indicates that after the Macy’s parade started in 1924, the joviality of Thanksgiving moved slowly to the more raucous Halloween.  I personally think that a bit of light hearted fun instead of the all you can eat buffet and the Black Friday shopping anticipation might be more in keeping with being thankful.

And to my readers, have a lovely turkey stuffed Thanksgiving… And for those of you who are following, a new Civil War letter will appear soon!


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