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January 29, 1863

Columbus Ky, Jan the 29, 1863

Dear wife, it is with great plesure that

i now sit down to write you a few lines to let you know that i am well

and hope you the same. your letter of the 22 is received A few minutes

ago and rite glad i was to hear from you and Milton and to here that

you was well and glad to here that you had got your trunk to. i got a

letter from John White and have sent it to you. the old man Targets

folks is well. I am glad to here that you enjoy your self very well.

the postage stamps you sent me came in good ____ to me now for i did

not have one to write a letter with. David Coats is sick again and is a

going to be discharged and so is Bob patten(?) also Uncle have not

drawn any money yet and i am a sufering for the want of it. i have not

had a chew of Tobacco for two weeks and am almost crazy for it. i can

not get any of it that is oweing to me and I have none to buy paper

with and have but one more sheet and then must quit writeing. i was

glad to here that your Father had sent you some money. you must tell

Milton that i was glad to here that he was a good boy. i will send him

a vest pin in this letter and he must take care of it. you must excuse

me for not writeing more this time for i have been out on picket duty

all Night and just come in more now. write as soon as you get this

and i remain

Yours till Death

your Afectionate Husband

John A. Loveless

to his wife

Catherine Loveless


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