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February 14, 1863

Valentine 1862 via Wikipedia

Valentine 1862
via Wikipedia

Franklin Amos Loveless was born.

Franklin was Edna’s (Gram, of Gram’s Cookbook series) father.  He is my great great grandfather.

Valentine’s Day, or versions there of, has been around since around the 5th century and is likely based on a Pagan fertility celebration combined with  one or more Christian saints named Valentine.  (For more information about the long history of the day, this History Channel site has lots of easy to read facts.)

Valentine’s Day in it’s current form was starting to be popular by the middle of the 1600’s…especially in England.  By the early 1900’s, pre-made cards were becoming more common.  Esther Howland started selling the first mass produced Valentine cards in the 1840’s…The top card, found on the Wikipedia site, was sent in 1862, the year before Franklin was born.



This is an Esther Howland card from the 1870’s…

We have no card or romantic letter for either Valentine’s day or the day of Franklin’s birth.  


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