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February 21, 1863

General of the Stash

General of the Stash

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Fort Hallach

Columbus, Ky.

Feb 21, 1863

Dear wife-i now sit down to write you A few lines to let you know that

I am well at this time and you and the rest of you are enjoying the

best of health. we are still and will be for some time yet i hope the

last letter I got from you wrote to me on the first of this Month and

it is very Curious indeed- it is now dark and no letter from you but i

will hope for the best and hope it will come in good time- i have been

in good health for a good while and be in the best of spirits and enjoy

myself first rate- it is with a sad heart that I Received the Death of

David Speer- he died in the Hospital with the Tyfoid fever- he was in

the Hospital five days- he was A good brave and peaceable Soldier and

is A great loss to his Country in this day of her peril- he was resined

to the will of his Maker- I have not heard from Knoxville for some time

but John Targart got A letter some few days ago and they was all well

then – there has been a good deal of sickness in the Regament of late it

I heard of diarea and fever but i have never had it yet- and i dont think i

will have it if i take care of myself as i should i got so that i

Will not have that office that i told you of for it is harder than to

be a privete so i told them that i would not have it. you wanted me to

tell you the news but there is not much to tell. there is now at this

place the 111 Ill. the 3 Minasota whitch has been taken prisoners twice

and now they are a going to try it again- they have been up in Minasota

a fighting the Indians and are now on their way down the River- they

have just now drawn there Arms to start there is now here A Regament of

Drafted men from Wisconson and hard Cases they are to but the most of

them are substatute . they got from one hundred and fifty dollars to

three hundred coming for other men for nine Months but i would not like

to be one of them you may depend on it for they are used more like dogs

than men. there has four Companies of our Regament gone up to paduca

and will be gone some time to guard that place- we have A new General

here now his name is Asboth(?) he is a good man i think from what i can

see – i want you to pray for me for i feel in need of it. i have been

trying to make my Election sure and by the grase of God i will • i wish

you would send me a little money for i need it. we have note drawn any

yet and i dont know when we will – it is now midnight and i will have to

close for this time by saying kiss my boy for me and tell him to be a

good boy for me and to kiss you for me. i often think of you both and

may god be with you all is my prayer

more anon

give my love to All

and believe me yours till death

yours truly

John A. Loveless

to his wife and family

Fort Hallock Columbus Ky,

General Asboth was born in Hungary and served in the (failed) Hungarian revolution in 1848.  He was exiled, along with his his leader, to the United States in 1851.  In the next ten years, he became a US citizen and served in the Union Army. John C Freemont appointed him Brigadier General of Volunteers …he was then wounded while in command at Pea Ridge Arkansas in 1862.  In 1863, he was in command of Columbus KY and later the District of West Florida.  Following another battle injury, he was appointed in 1866 as the US Minister to Argentina and Uruguay – where he died from the last injury.  His body was moved in 1990 to Arlington National Cemetery.

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