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February 23, 1863

Feb the 23 1863

(original letter with Cheryl Skalsky)

Dear wife and Family and Friends

I now sit down to write you A few lines to let you know that I am well at this time and you and the rest of them are enjoying the same blessing. it is now about four weeks since I got A letter from you and I had the blues so bad that I did not know what to do until I got A letter from Elisia on last week and it told me that you was sick. the first that I new of it and it told me was doing well which I was glad to hear for I was almost crazy to hear from you and Milton and to get something to buy Tobaco with for I am plum Crazy so Capt Jenkins ___ and so I think myself and I am plum of writeing material and am A writing to you with borrowed Material at this time. I all most forgot to Congratyoulate you on our fine boy or girl as the cease may be and alow me to wish you ____ health and Hapiness with the new hear and Milton to ask William if he and john are mad at me and if so what for. for i would to know why they dont write to me.

give my love to all the friends. do write a little oftener to me.

Gods sake and mine to and yourn in pertiekelar and for my sake dont wait so long if you please.

No more at presesant

yours truly until depth

John A. Loveless

to Cm Loveless

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