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DIY Egg Scale

first eggs

My chickens are laying!  The broken egg and then the one on the left are normal sized eggs – probably large to extra large.  The rest are my ladies first eggs!  And looking at how small they are, I remembered my mom having an egg scale and then wondering how much my eggs weighed.


And then it occurred to me – mom still has an old fashioned egg scale.  Like this one for sale on Ebay.


And yes, it is for sale for $49 starting bid plus $12 shipping.


And yes, you can buy a new one from the same company for $52 plus shipping.  This new one includes grams and not just ounces like the old scale has.  And it looks like a chicken so it justifies the expense.  Right?  No?  Hmm… welll…

Then you’ve come to the right place.  I love the old scale and already put in a request for my mothers should she ever not want hers anymore.  In the mean time, I came up with my own version.

First – the weights.

Egg weight smallegg weight

I came up with my own egg weights chart and made it so that you can download the PDF and have your own copy.  Just click on the words “egg weight” below the egg and you’ll get a PDF of that image to print out.

Next – the scale part.  I’m assuming that most people have a digital kitchen scale already.  Most big box stores carry them for around $10-15 – much less than the new fancy egg scales cost!  They’re useful for so many other things in cooking, too, so if you don’t have one now would be a good time to invest in a simple scale.  Get the one with grams – much more accurate!


So, take an old egg carton like so…


Cut out one egg cell…


Place on scale and then zero the scale out so as to not include the weight of the carton when weighing the egg.  Be sure to have the scale set on grams!




Weigh eggs.  As you can see, I have a tiny one at 29 grams, well below the pewee level of 35 grams.  None of mine are even into the small egg size yet!


Refer to your hand egg size chart that you’ve taped inside of your cabinet door like I did.

So, why is this helpful?  Well, if you have your own hens and are wanting to use these first eggs while cooking, it’s good to know about what you need to sub for a full sized large or extra large egg.  In my case, I used 3 pewee eggs instead of 2 XLs when making granola bars recently.  Knowing the weights helps in the substitution because really it is about volume of egg contents and not number of eggs.

I hope you find this useful!  Happy chickens everyone!

Upcycled Mailing Envelope Tutorial

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So, this isn’t much of a tutorial but… it is an insanely easy and free way to make a mailing envelope!

Since I have so many of my baby bibs to mail out to friends and our future contest winner, I needed something to mail them in…. and looking at my recycling containers, I had lots of flat boxes!  You know the type – cereal or cracker boxes.


So, take an empty box and open up both ends.


Flatten the box.


Tuck in the end flaps on one side into the box.


Then use clear packing tape to tape the other side over the end.

Now, put your fairly flat item (like 2 baby bibs!) inside.  Repeat the above procedure for the open end.



Add mailing labels and take it to the post office!   Hopefully, the lucky recipient will recycle the box after they get whatever goody you sent them!

Stationery Sets

So, living in the RV doesn’t afford me much extra space.  And yet, the crafty gene is still a strong component of my life!  So, you might be wondering what I’ve been doing all of this time…

I’ve been making stationery.  I know – NOT fabric.  But, with no place to keep the sewing machine set up, it’s just hard at this point.  I am thinking that perhaps in the spring I can set the old Bernina up on the table outside… but I’m still not sure about that.

These paper sets are used children’s books.  I take the pages out and use the pages to make the envelopes!  Then, the cover is used to make the set case.  The rest of it is scrapbooking paper and cotton writing paper.  I think that they’ve turned out looking pretty nice!  And yes, this is all my very own idea.

They do take a bit of time to make as they are entirely hand made, but I am hoping that people will think that these are the perfect gift for the book lover who still writes old fashioned letters!  I have 3 sets for sale in my Etsy shop and 5 sets in a local book store in Bastrop.

If you’re still shopping for holiday gifts (I know that I am – I’m even still MAKING a couple but they have to stay a secret for now…) there is a blog that has lots of ideas and links of where you can buy hand made gifts.  I don’t know about you, but I’d MUCH rather support local artisans than a factory in China!

What are you giving for gifts this year?  Are you ready yet or just getting started?  One of my favorite blogs, Unclutterer, has a holiday gift giving guide series for those of us who don’t want to add to useless STUFF of our loved ones.  On her latest post, it talks a bit about stocking stuffers… Maybe a bit of mental food for thought when you’re trying to figure out what Santa will bring this year!

Pillowcase Clothespin Apron Tutorial

I’m SO EXCITED to share with you my latest creation!!!!

This is a clothespin apron made out of a PILLOWCASE!  No, really!

Do you love it?  Because, you’re in luck!  You can make your own!  I’m giving away this tutorial for FREE!

The beauty of this pattern is, the only thing you need (besides the normal sewing machine stuff) is a pillowcase and some thread.  That’s it!  The pattern makes use of the entire case, there are only a few tiny scraps left when you are done making the apron!

And, the apron is double thick – so it’s nice and sturdy.  It is great for clothespins but also for picking beans, gathering eggs, collecting nuts, craft projects – lots of stuff!

Apron specifics:
– should hold about 150 clothespins
– about 15 inches wide
– about 14 inches tall
– straps are about 32 inches long each

What, you don’t sew?  Well, you’re in luck, later this week, this apron, the pink and yellow floral one, will be offered up for FREE in a fabulous GIVEAWAY!  But, you’ll have to come back later to enter…

Interested in buying one pre-made?  I have the top two aprons for sale over on my Etsy shop!

So, before offering this tutorial up for you guys… I had a couple of sewing friends give the tutorial a run through.  My friend Edna, a sewing NOVICE, made this pretty apron!

And my new friend Inder, of the fabulous blog Inder Loves Folk Art, made this over the weekend too!

My HUGE thanks to Edna and Inder for helping me get the kinks of the pattern.

So, speaking of that pattern…

First, please respect all of my hard work on coming up with the pattern and then putting it all together.  I hope that you make a ton of them, give them as gifts, sell them at local craft fairs and farmers markets… But please, do NOT sell these on line.

As a stay at home momma, I’m trying to make a few extra dollars while here at home and selling stuff on Etsy is how I’m doing it right now.  I know that many of you are in the same boat!  The original reason for this blog was to promote my Etsy shop (though it has turned into it’s own creature recently) with the hopes of making a few sales.

Thanks for understanding.

On to the tutorial… it’s a PDF file and you can download it here:

pillowcase clothespin apron tutorial final

If you make up an apron, pretty please with sugar and chocolate kisses on top, send me a picture?  I’d love to feature it on the blog!

Have fun and happy clotheslines!



Hubcap Flower

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Over at Blue Velvet Chair, Michael has come up with this great tutorial on how to convert hubcaps that she found on the side of the road into great yard art!  How much fun is this?   Now, to find some hubcaps!