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Baby Bib WINNER!!!!!

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bibs give frontsm

By the unquestionable and time honored tradition of choosing winners of “Einee Mienee Minee Mo”, the winner is….


I have sent Lori and email and if I don’t hear back from her by Sunday, I will contact another person as the new winner.

I will also be picking a winner for 2 more bibs from the Facebook page of those who commented there.  Just because I love you all!  🙂

Thanks to all who entered.  Please stay tuned for the next give away coming up in June – this time it will be a coffee bag wallet.  Also some hand stamped to use outside on your clothesline clothespins (made by me of course) and then later in July – my own design closet safe!

I will also be looking for a couple of pattern testers for both the wallet and the closet safe, so if you like to sew and wouldn’t mind helping me work out the kinks of a couple of patterns, please contact me.  For the wallet, you will need to collect two mylar coffee bags (the kind with ground or whole beans) in good shape, not torn, just the tops cut off.  Details on pattern testing to come later.

Have a great Wednesday!

Baby Bib Give Away!!!!!

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Eleanor in her bibIsn’t she cute?  8 months old and LOVING food.  Especially MANGOS.  I have no idea why.  But seriously, you’ve never seen a baby so excited about any one particular fruit.  It’s funny!


And because she needed bibs, I decided to make a FEW bibs.  So, I pulled out the fabric that I had (much of it donated or yard saled) and started cutting out.  And, as I tend to like to cut out a bunch of anything at one time and then spend weeks sewing… well, I cut out a few.  Just a few.  Like as in enough for 35.


My idea was to send bibs to people that I know who have or are about to have little babies and would be able to use and appreciate bibs.  Part of my “Pay it Forward for the rest of my life” plan.  So, about half of these are already spoken for.  The rest I planned on putting in my stash to use as baby gifts to people I know or don’t know in the future.


The pattern I used was the Bapron bib pattern that is currently for sale for $6 at Craftiness is not Optional blog.  I saved the pattern a couple of years back when she still had it up on her blog for free.  Even at her current price – it is a good price!


I also made ALL of the bias tape used in all of the bibs.  First, you should know that each bib needs about 2 1/2 yards of bias tape.  Each.   Yes, you did the math correctly.  That is over 80 YARDS of bias tape that I made by hand.  80.  Yards.  I got the fancy Clover Bias Tape Maker and bought flannel fabric…. and realized that flannel doesn’t work in bias tape makers.  So, 2 yards of flannel had to be ironed into tape.  By. Hand.  Sigh.  At over $2 for a 4 yard packet of less than wonderful store bought stuff in boring colors… I got 20 yards or more from each yard of fabric that I bought for $5.  So, I saved a bit of money ($5 vs $10 for store bought) but it is MUCH prettier!   And really – not that hard!  It was almost fun all of the ironing while listening to NPR (which is what I do most of the time when I sew).


I bought normal fabric for the edges and really, small print is best.  The browns and purple came from Walmart of all places (about our only local option and I wasn’t going into the city any time soon) but worked up really well and was a surprisingly nicer weight fabric.  But, because my brain is a bit slow on baby sleep, I had to resort to on-line tutorials to figure out how to make the tape.  To get the most tape out of a yard of fabric, I used this tutorial at Whipstitch Fabrics to cut the fabric on an angle and then sew it to the other side – so the entire yard of fabric can be cut into strips on the bias.  But, they then wanted it to be cut all in one long strip and honestly, drawing lines on the fabric and then pinning and then cutting – blah… too much!  So, after I got my yard cut and re-sewn the right way, then I switched over to Dana Made It and used her tutorial on how to cut the strips and then sew the strips together once they’re all skinny.  For me – much easier!  Plus, Dana has a fab description of what bias tape is and the different types of makers and sizes and… good basic info!


As I was sitting in my little space sewing, I was thinking about the year past in this house of ours.  You see, this past weekend was our 1 year anniversary to move into the house.  It wasn’t done (still not entirely finished – still no steps out the back doors and some trim still needs to be painted) but it was time and I was hugely pregnant and not fitting so well into the RV any more and…  We were so relieved to be back into a real house.  We still are.  And we are so grateful to the huge number of people that helped us get back to this state of “normal”… Part of my  “Pay it Forward” campaign is to have give aways just because.  To share the love with people that I don’t know just as people that didn’t know us helped me helped during my time of disaster.

bibs give frontsm

So, I am giving away these two bibs.  (Above and below pictures – they are the front and back shots.)  Both gender neutral so good for little boys or girls.

bibs give backsm

To enter, please comment below, be sure to include your email address.   Please tell us what random act of kindness you’ve done recently.  Big or small doesn’t matter…

Like me on Facebook at Life on the Clothesline  and then leave a comment on the contest post on FB for an extra entry.   If you already follow me on FB, please leave a comment on that post, too.

Contest closes May 19 at midnight.  That’s two weeks.  Please tell your friends and share the love.  More importantly, be kind to each other and help when you can.  Even if you never hear the words “thank you”  it doesn’t mean that your actions didn’t matter.   Thanks to you all…

Clothespin Apron GIVEAWAY!!!!

So, as mentioned before, I’m GIVING AWAY this pillowcase clothespin apron!

What do you have to do?  Either follow this blog by RSS reader, the email signup on the right, or on Facebook.

Then, post a comment telling me how you’re following.  (If you are already one of the amazing people who follow me – please tell me that you are!)  Only those who comment saying how they are following me will be entered in the contest!

I’d also love to know what you’re planning on using the apron for. …

And that’s it!  I’ll mail it out to the lucky winner as soon as the contest ends… on SEPT 5, 2011.

This is listed in the Someday Crafts Thursday Giveaway link up – and it has close to 100 other giveaways going on right now that you can sign up for, too!  Just click on the logo below…

Please tell all of your friends!!!  Good luck!

Clothespin Bag Giveaway!!!!!!!!

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It’s Giveaway time!!!!

As part of the Sew Mama Sew! May Giveaway Day extravaganza, I am giving away one hand made one of a kind clothespin bag!  The tropical scenes bag pictured above!!!!

This tropical scenes clothespin bag is made from an old men’s shirt, so all upcycled!   It’s a nice medium weight 100% cotton – should last for many years so long as you don’t leave it on the line in the weather.  A nice gender neutral fabric, the men in the world won’t feel Y chromosome challenged carrying this to and from the line.

Our unique wire framed bags are all hand made. My husband bends the wire and I sew the bags. It’s our own pattern based off of a vintage bag found in his grandfather’s estate. I’ve updated and adapted it to current times… It features a magnet on the lid to keep it open while you’re hanging your clothes out. The wire frame on the bottom of the bag keeps the bag open – for easy access while you’re busy wrangling wet clothes.
All seams are cut with old fashioned pinking shears (to keep the edges from fraying out) and it is all sewn on my 1970’s Bernina sewing machine (thanks Mom!).  And, it easily holds enough pins to hang out several loads at one time.
 (This is a vintage tablecloth bag and is not part of the drawing – it’s just here to show you how the lid works!  Plus, it’s pretty… 🙂 )

All in all, it’s machine washable (simply remove the wire before putting it into the wash).

Lidded clothespin bags are great for keeping your pins from bouncing out while on the line! Growing up in Kansas with all of the wind, that was always a battle… the lid on this bag will help keep the pins where they belong. It also works well for keeping the pins in while you carry them in and out of the house.

Like the bag?  Visit my Etsy shop, Rosy Star, for more fabric choices.  And, more are coming all of the time… so if you don’t see what you like, please check back.  Plus – I can do custom orders!

To win the tropical scenes bag, all you have to do is post a comment on this post and tell me if you have ever or currently or are thinking about in the future using a clothesline to dry your clothes.

Deadline to enter is May 25 – only 3 days people!  I will check the post some time on the morning of May 26, most likely at some point during Sesame Street, and randomly pick a winner.

Oh – and I will ship internationally!

And, as an added bonus, I will select two more folks to get a 20% discount on the purchase of a clothespin bag from my shop.  Just because I like you all!

I’m also looking for clotheslines to profile.  If you have a clothesline up, send me pictures  of it in use (and hopefully one with you standing next to it) and I will feature you and your line on the blog!   Beyond pictures, you will need to give me some basic info about your line… up to you what you include though.   Email me at lifeontheclothesline [at] gmail {dot} com.    I hope to see you and your line soon!

Thanks for entering and have fun with the contests!!!!

Wednesday Give Away – Garden Angels

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 This week’s give away is a rub on transfer of Garden Angels.  It’s supposed to be good indoors or out…  It’s brand new (but I found it at a thrift store) and needing a new home!  It includes 4 different decals, too!

You have 3 ways to enter… each way gets you one entry…

1 – “like” us on Facebook – (link is to the right) and leave a comment below saying that you did.

2 – Subscribe to the RSS feed for my blog – and leave a comment below saying that you did.

3 – Leave a comment below saying if you have ever dried your clothes on a clothesline and if so, how long you’ve been doing it!

That’s it – 3 ways to get a chance to win a very cool angel decal.

Contest closes at 10 pm central time on Monday, May 9. Winner will be chosen at random… Good luck!

Wednesday Give Away! – Workbasket 1971

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Welcome to my new weekly give away! I will be giving away vintage patterns and craft items until I run out… Included in my vast stash are old magazines (lots of 60’s and 70’s), pattern booklets of crochet and knitting and some vintage macrame, Christmas cross stitch patterns…

This week is a January 1971 issue of Workbasket magazine. It apparently had a bit of water damage at one point, but is still in pretty good shape considering that it is 40 years old! (I can poke fun at this age as I soon will the very same!)

Beyond the fun patterns, there are some “interesting” recipes… (though next week I will be posting a recipe that I found in one from the 40’s that is pretty tasty.)

You have 4 ways to enter… each way gets you one entry…

1 – “like” us on Facebook – (link is to the right) and leave a comment below saying that you did.

2 – Subscribe to the RSS feed for my blog – and leave a comment below saying that you did.

3 – Link to this give away on your own blog (and leave the link below in the comments).

4 – Leave a comment below saying if you have ever dried your clothes on a clothesline!

That’s it – 4 ways to get a chance to win a very cool old craft magazine.

Contest closes at 10 pm central time on Tuesday, May 3. Winner will be chosen at random… Good luck!

UPDATE – Heathery is our winner this week!  Congrats!