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February 6, 1863

Columbus, Ky Feb the 6, 1863 

Dear Wife- I now sit down to let you know that I am well at this time and hope the

same-your kind and afectionate letter of the first is received and I was glad to here

from you and Milton you may depend on it for I was

glad to here that you was well and sound for I was afraid

you was sick. you said you was afraid i was sick and you was

mistaken-for i am well and i have wrote you three letters that i have

got no answer from yet. you said yo had lost your heart pin whitch

pained me to learn but as you said i was glad you got what you did-you

tell Milton that his pop corn was first rate and i wish he had sent

more of it-you said you wanted me to tell you all of the news-there is

not much to tell- the 35 Iowa has gone to Cario- to guard prisoners

there is here the 3 ___ Reg here now and about 500 Drafted men from

Wisconson here now and the 111, Ill now and ours-one of our companies

have gone to Memphis to guard a Bat(?) down but will be back in a few

days- We have a fine time a standing guard now days we stand about twice

a week- it commenst (commenced) snowing night before last and snowed

untill yesterday. now it is six inches deep-i was guard last night and

it was as cold as it is where you are and i was guarding Batery, of,

six(?) guns and it was a cold place but i stood it first rate and never

g___ , for it was no use- i wrote you in another letter that the old

Man Targart was Dead but i was a mistake for john got a letter

yesterday and he had been sick but was better. you said Albert was in

the Hospital-in what place is he and what Company, and Reg is Steven

in- it pained me to hear of so many of my friends a being in the Army

and of so many deaths also- i want you to kiss my boy for me and i want

him to kiss you for me-tell William and John that i would like to see

them down this way. so i will bring my writeing to a close by saying

send me some Money if you can anyway, for i want A chew of tobaco mity

bad-give my love to all more Anon-write soon

Yours truly

John A. Loveless